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General HR Training

Every organization wants to retain the most qualified employees to fill the organization¬Ä¬ôs job openings, but not every individual is suited for every job, which leads to excessive employee turnover.   Human resources, training, labor relations managers, and specialists provide a connection between employees and jobs. A good human resource director, trainer or specialist should be able to enhance morale and productivity, limit employee turnover, and help the company increase performance and improve output results. HR personnel should be able to effectively use employee skills, provide training and development opportunities to make improvements in employee skill levels, and increase employees' satisfaction with working conditions. The responsibilities of a human resource director are continuously changing and remaining up-to-date on the laws or regulations can be very daunting. C&S provides extensive Human Resource (HR) training videos for HR management, supervisors, and management, helps keep any facility in compliance. Our HR Safety Training Video programs include topics on: Leadership , Customer Service , Diversity & Discrimination , Interviewing, Firing and Hiring EEO Compliance, Sexual Harassment Training, and more.

Related training topics that will work in conjunction with General Human Resource Training: Policies and Procedures, Compensation Training, ADA Disability Act, Supervisor Training


OSHA's Position On General HR Training

OSHA passed the Occupational Health and Safety Act back in 1970. The goal of this directive is to ensure that employees receive the highest quality training along with a safe and secure work environment. However, there are a number of investigation requests and lawsuits that accuse employers of non-compliance and insufficient employee awareness training. Avoiding these investigations/lawsuits requires a detailed understanding of the requirements that have been mandated by OSHA and other federal agencies. These requirements can change over time, so it’s important to know how to manage a Human Resources Department that is prepared to completely support your organization. The training videos that we offer address topics such as:

In addition to the high quality and informative DVD videos that we supply, we also offer other training tools that can enhance Human Resource Department instruction and employee awareness. These materials include; CD-ROM Format Interactive Programs, Work and Break Area Posters, Post-Training Booklets, Employee Handbooks and other helpful training tools.

As a federal agency, OSHA supports the rights of employees and acknowledges the responsibilities of employers when it comes to protecting those rights. With proper training, compliance can be assured from the time that a job interview is conducted and throughout an employee’s entire career.

Please look over our high quality General HR Training and supplies that will allow you to meet OSHA’s training objectives, without having to look elsewhere! Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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