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Pricing Options

Starting at $135 per month. Basically the cost of 25 cups of coffee!

(Side note, if you took the time to do the math, you’ll find that we have high standards for our
coffee here at Atlantic Training. We drink the primo stuff so we can go the extra mile for our
customers. You have our guarantee on that, friend.)



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You can choose to use our system or add content to yours.

Below you’ll find a few of the many features that Atlantic has curated in order
to create a positive training impact. You’ll find plenty more too, just keep
clickin’ and scrollin’.

Blended Learning

With our Blended Learning approach, you can
choose from classroom-based streaming or
one-on-one computer training options, either by
creating your own courses with our Course Builder or
selecting from our super robust training library, to
perfectly match your training to each unique

Reporting & Record-Keeping

Stay on top of your game with our advanced
Reporting and Record-Keeping feature that lets you
effortlessly track employee progress and course
scores directly in your personalized portal, while also
keeping detailed records on everything from
incidents and near-misses to classroom training and

Custom Portal/Logo Branding

Make your company stand out with our Custom
Portal and Logo Branding feature that provides you
with a fully functional Wave portal that is customized
to your company's branding. So go on and give your
employees the seamless and immersive learning
experience they deserve.

Mobile Friendly

Never miss a beat with our Mobile-Friendly platform
and training, allowing your employees to take their
training courses on the go through their mobile
devices, keeping them connected and up-to-date no
matter where they are.

One Big Library

Unlock a world of training possibilities with Wave -
our all-in-one solution that not only offers a
comprehensive training system but also provides
access to a robust library of hundreds of training
topics to cover all departments, along with instant
updates as soon as new topics are added.

Tech Support

Experience uninterrupted learning with ou
world-class service, providing seamless course
delivery and ensuring your training runs flawlessly.

Need More Customized Solutions?
Of Course You Do!

How many employees do you need to train?


Great question! Here’s the answer...hopefully.

What happens if employees leave? Can I add another in their place?
Employees who are no longer with your company that have an active account in WAVE can be suspended. By suspending them it does free up a spot so that you can add a new user.
Can I add my own courses to your system?
Yes! You can upload SCORM courses to our LMS and assign them for training! Only you and our support team can see your courses. We do not share your courses or offer them in our library for other companies to use.
What if I go over the tier employee amount?
Once you hit your employee limit WAVE will not allow any new users to be created, an error will appear on your screen. If you have someone who needs to be added to your portal please contact your sales representative for additional seats.
Do the training courses have preset questions?
Each course comes with corresponding quizzes that go along with training. For interactive courses, there are questions throughout each learning module with a final test at the end.
We already have an LMS, what options do we have?
If you like to use your existing LMS then we highly recommend looking into our SCORM dispatch training courses. The only requirement is that your LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliant for this option. Are you looking to switch to a new system? Then WAVE is your solution. WAVE is our online platform for safety/hr training and offers incident management and various record keeping options. Want to learn more? Check our content pricing page for more information or contact us at 1-800-975-7640.

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