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Custom Course
Development For Any
Business or Industry.

Fully customized courses based on your
team’s needs and company policies.

Atlantic has an expansive library of safety training, HR compliance
and soft skills courses, however, if there’s anything you can’t find,
Atlantic can develop new customized courses for your business.

Here’s How It Works.

Need Custom eLearning Courses?
Here’s what we can do.

Develop new courses based on any topic within
Safety, HR Compliance and Soft Skills.

Modify existing Atlantic produced courses to
incorporate your company policies.

White label courses to feature your brand,
keeping employees more engaged.

Capture on-site footage and interviews to make
topics more relatable for your team.

Incorporate customer supplied media such as
videos, graphics and audio.

Craft impactful scripts based on your training
requirements as a business.

We’ll create custom courses based on any topic
within Safety, HR Compliance and Soft Skills.

Our approach to eLearning is honestly quite simple. We’re focused on quality education and compliance, designed to fit the needs of customers. Most eLearning providers focus on expanding their library to feature thousands of courses, usually sourced from a large mix of production houses. While this sounds great, it’s actually extremely difficult to ensure those courses are all current with the latest regulations. This is why we offer a premium library with the core training programs that most companies require. From there, we specialize in creating custom courses to fulfill specific needs. It’s all by design to ensure customers have the best content.

Looking to incorporate your own company policies into new or existing Atlantic courses? No sweat.

Many businesses prefer to take on the challenge of building their own courses in order to include their company policies. For those that have the time, fantastic. We actually include a course builder within our EHS Software, Wave, for that purpose. This said, most of our customers lean on us to save them time. If you see an existing Atlantic Training course that needs some modifications to include your policies, no problem. If you need an entirely new course that isn’t in our library and needs to be customized with your policies, well, we can help you out there as well. Just request a custom course and we’ll contact you right away to walk you through our process and provide a quote.

Make it yours by featuring your own brand colors and logo with white labeled custom training courses.

You might receive push back from other companies when it comes to white labeled courses. Why? Well, it’s time-consuming, labor-intensive, and eLearning providers are losing their own branding. Why do we offer this feature? Because we LOVE the brands we work with. Seriously, it’s a privilege to know that we get to work with so many incredible brand names. We firmly believe that supporting customers in every way will help us grow as a business. So, promoting your brand is a high priority for us. There are a number of ways we can private label our courses (and software) for your company. Contact us for details. We can’t wait to work with you on your next custom branded course!

We can even schedule time to capture on-site footage and interviews for your customized training.

We have our own production team and also partner with production companies all over the U.S. Regardless of your location, Atlantic can schedule time to capture on-site training footage. In our experience, employees feel more engaged and absorb training more effectively when seeing familiar elements such as their own equipment, warehouse, office or jobsite. Employees are also more alert when seeing their own HR Managers or Safety Officers explain policies and regulations, all within these customized courses. Looking to save on costs? Feel free to send us your own on-site footage and media. Heck, even footage from your camera phone can work.

So, who writes the script for your custom training? We can do the heavy lifting if you need help with your course script.

We live and breathe scriptwriting. Atlantic is more than happy to provide assistance if you don’t have the resources. We would just need to understand your objectives, policies and regulations that need to be covered. We’ll take it from there and produce an impactful script that aligns with your priorities. You’ll have the opportunity to review everything throughout the entire process. Now, if this is something that you would like to provide, no problem at all! We’ll review your script in detail and build a premium custom course using high-quality footage, graphics, audio, and an on-screen instructor. Again, you’ll have the chance to review your course to provide critical feedback.

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