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HR Compliance Training
Courses for Any Type
of Business.

Crack the compliance code. Lean on Atlantic’s
courses to easily provide you and your team with
total clarity when it comes to HR requirements.

Alright, let’s keep it real. Human Resources isn’t
just about rules—it's about people. Your people.

And we get it, ensuring that your team is compliant can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope.
Let’s change that. HR is about taking care of your team and if they have courses that truly provide an
education, well, you’re doing your job.

Even with remote work, HR compliance still matters... It's time to bring those rules to life and make them
feel more like friendly work-hacks, and less like dusty old manuals. With how much more cost effective
online training is, who wouldn’t want to try something new to help develop the leaders and managers of
their team to be the best they can be?

Enter Atlantic Training. Breaking down the complexities of HR compliance without a dedicated team can be
overwhelming. Our HR training courses, paired with our learning management system will help you to
create a culture of compliance, stay ahead of mandatory training requirements, follow regulations with
ease, and create effective HR policies that keep the wheels turning smoothly. And yes, we can help any
company or organization across all industries.

Create a culture of compliance

Stay ahead of mandatory requirements

Follow regulations with ease

Create effective HR policies

Building a Culture of HR

HR compliance doesn't have to be this big, scary thing hanging over your head.
It's about making it part of your company's DNA, in a cool, non-boring way.
Think of it like your favorite playlist. It sets the tone and keeps things running
smoothly. Let’s add some enjoyable courses to that playlist.

It doesn't matter if you are in construction or are a remote worker who does IT. You
need HR compliance training, and your HR needs to provide your required training
courses to you. Making these courses fun and actually engaging takes the stress
away from your employees who are already juggling their own work-life balance.
You won’t get much from your employees by just adding stress to their workload.
Give them courses that they can actually benefit from which in turn makes their life
and their job easier.

When your team is well equipped and winning at their posts, productivity soars,
benefiting everyone. Now that being said, having a robust Learning Management
System loaded and ready to go with all the required courses you and your team
could ever need is a no-brainer if you ask me. Not to mention how easy HR
compliance training just became for your company, HR managers and employees.

With Atlantic Training, you're not just checking boxes. You're
cultivating a culture where compliance is second nature.

Build Culture

Make training easy, fun, simple to use, and provide your employees with real-life valuable information they can actually benefit from. Then, having a healthy workplace culture, all about compliance, becomes a breeze. In fact, they will want and ask for more courses all on their own.


Collaborating with marketing and internal communication teams can further highlight the importance of HR compliance. Get on the horn and be excited to present your employees with updated courses and a better system that they can use and even have in their pockets while on-the-go.


When you have HR compliance courses that actually work, look and sound good, you’ll be excited and want to make a game out of getting everyone fully trained. Rewarding teams or individuals who excel in their training can further motivate and create a proactive mindset that’s more willing to adhere to compliance.

Stay Updated with HR Compliance Courses

New Human Resources Regulations

HR regulations and norms are not static. They evolve with cultural changes, legal amendments, and business innovations. For example, we have seen in recent years, society’s awareness of diversity and inclusion. You’ll want to provide your team with answers to questions as simple as “What is diversity and inclusion?” Make sure you’re equipped with the proper training and tools to educate your team.

Creating a Compliance Plan Can Be Easy

Our team at Atlantic Training always stays current with compliance, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. Dive into our library of Human Resources compliance courses, or better yet, let's tailor a plan that suits your unique needs. If you're not sure what you need exactly, no sweat. Get a dedicated rep who will build your plan for you all with just a few questions. How cool is that?

Kickstarting Your HR Compliance Journey

If you're just beginning your journey into compliance training, starting with foundational principles is crucial. Ensuring compliance
with employment laws
is something every company needs to take seriously. This can include but is not limited to: hiring and
recruitment, discrimination, harassment, and much more…

A Commitment to Compliance

Just as we emphasized the role of culture in safety training, we stress the importance of making compliance an
organizational value in HR. Taking the first step towards commitment can set the tone for the entire journey.

It Starts at the Top

Leadership should exemplify compliance. Regular discussions, feedback sessions, and even casual
catch-ups can all revolve around HR compliance, reinforcing its significance.

Fearless Employee Feedback

Implementing a feedback mechanism where employees can tell you what they are experiencing without fear
of being reprimanded is vital. Not only does this allow you to quickly spot, handle and fix outpoints within
your company but also makes figuring out what training your employees need that much easier.

Your All-in-One Solution

Pair this with incident/accident reporting, proper training, and testing employee knowledge will
make implementing HR compliance actually doable. All without having to increase the size of your
team or overwork your HR department. Atlantic Training's intuitive HR software WAVE is
tailor-made for this, serving as your one-stop solution for all things compliance.

While some companies opt for in-house compliance training, the
efficiency, expertise, and cost-effectiveness of partnering with a
dedicated entity like Atlantic Training cannot be overstated.

Why Atlantic? Take a Look.

The Advantage of Working with Atlantic Training

Remember the backbone of every good workplace: HR Compliance. I know, I know, it might sound as exciting as watching paint dry and you’re probably
thinking “when will this guy give it a rest?” but hear me out. it's about making sure everyone gets a fair shake, feels valued, and is happy while being
productive. It's about ensuring that Sarah from Accounting gets her maternity leave without a hiccup, or that Morgan from Marketing doesn’t feel left out
just because he chose to work remotely from a beach (lucky Morgan). Keeping HR compliance in harmony means happier faces, smoother operations,
and yes, fewer "Oops, we shouldn’t have done that!" moments.

What am I talking about? HR compliance deserves the spotlight—it’s the real star of the show. If you give your company and your team the right tools
everyone will shine and with a tool as robust as Atlantic Training, well, I think you just won, my friend.

Contact us to Build Your
Customized HR Compliance Training Plan.

Every business needs compliance training, especially when it comes to HR stuff.
No worries – our team's got your back. Whether you've got super specific needs or
a mixed bag of questions, we're here with the answers and the perfect training
plan to get you started!