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Workplace Culture: The Growth Mindset Training Course

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A growth mindset in the workplace often demonstrates the belief that individuals are not limited by inherent traits or abilities, but instead, have the capacity to learn, grow, and improve through experience and applied patience and practice. The idea behind the growth mindset is that talent alone does not create success, but experience and applied science do! This training will provide you with the knowledge and attributes of a growth mindset environment.

16 minutes   |   SKU: AT082    |    Language(s): EN / ES / FR    |    Produced 2023




EN / ES / FR




16 minutes

Training Objectives

Understanding Growth Mindset in the Workplace
Growth Mindset 101 (What does it actually mean to have a growth mindset?)
Growth Mindset & Adaptability in the Workplace
Transparency and Building Buy-In for growth Decision-Making
Becoming Indispensable - the Linchpin Concept

Course Overview

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you wanted to approach the topic of asking for a raise? If you’re considering negotiating a raise, remember to approach this topic with your employer having a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset means you believe abilities are not fixed, but instead can be developed through persistence and hard work. It incorporates grit and resilience, and the ability to be adaptable, or flexible in the workplace to allow for more dynamic economic change and development.

When a growth mindset is embraced in the workplace, employees feel much more empowered and committed to the mission. Abilities and talent are considered areas that can be developed or improved with dedication and hard work. How does an organization adopt a growth mindset approach in the workplace? Discover a few suggestions of what a growth mindset work environment looks like.

If you think of transparency as a mindset, and not simply something you just do , the impact in the workplace will include efficient and effective communication, honesty, regular feedback, respect, and buy-in. In a transparent workplace, leaders commit to consistency in sharing relevant information openly and honestly. Learn a few examples of what this may include, such as:

  • Setting clear and direct expectations for all employees
  • Admitting to mistakes and making a plan of action moving forward
  • Sharing team or company setbacks - an opportunity for growth
  • Providing consistent feedback to employees
  • Including employees in decision-making
  • Updating employees on key business metrics

Ever heard of the Linchpin Theory? This theory suggests individuals with unique skills, qualities, and mindsets can become indispensable contributors in their respective fields. In the workplace, linchpins are the glue that holds teams together, driving productivity, accountability, and success. Learn how this will relate to a growth mindset in the workplace.

A growth mindset can have many wonderful benefits for both personal and professional settings. Through embracing challenges, viewing failure as an opportunity for growth, and showing up with effort and persistence, you can develop the grit - or the passion and perseverance for success. Discover ways to apply this mindset to your workplace culture, to better equip you to support your teams and the overall success of your organization.

It takes courage to learn from one’s mistakes and view them as opportunities for growth, not simply defeat. It takes commitment to learning more about yourself and your unique skills so that you can be well aware of the added value you bring to the department or the organization. You can use a growth mindset in every area of your life.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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