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Our Story

Before establishing Atlantic Training we found that there was a strong need for a place where companies could go to find all of
their training needs in one location rather than buying from multiple places. Somewhere that when you called, you received an
answer from a human and not a robot, and someone was eager to help you find the solution. Our story begins with a simple
idea. Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you.


From Ripples...

Atlantic Training, originally named Compliance and Safety, was founded by CEO Anthony LaFazia. With years of experience in
retail and industrial settings, as well as hands-on work with EHS professionals nationwide, Anthony gained a deep understanding
of the significance of safety and compliance training in businesses. Through his work inside Fortune 500 manufacturing facilities
and construction sites across the US, he witnessed first hand the potential problems that could arise if employees were not
properly trained and certified.

2010 Waves

What had been just a small business was now turning into something more prominent as the need and desire for our safety and
compliance training products was realized by other companies. This was the point where we knew that we were on to something
great and it was time to scale in order to meet the needs of customers.


A Name With Meaning.

The company decided to change its name to reflect its brand a little better, and thus Atlantic Training was born. The “Atlantic”
comes from the vast, deep ocean, which reflects (pun intended) Atlantic Training and its large product line that covers a depth of
workplace safety, compliance and employee development training topics.


Going Global.

With worldwide changes taking place when it comes to how employees work and what they expect from employers, Atlantic
Training updated their business model and brand. Their EHS software and website also received a major update
for an improved customer experience. Atlantic Training significantly expanded their team, globally, for massive improvements.


Our Mission

To bring modern employee development, safety training, and
compliance to organizations around the world.


No fluff here. We love to have fun, but we take our business serious.

Running a successful business is incredibly challenging. For those that don’t build their business on core values that truly support their customers, of luck to ya. We live and breathe the values listed below. Everything from recruiting to customer support begins with our five fundamental
values and we continue to experience significant growth for that very reason.

Customer Driven

Customers are always our highest priority. Atlantic Training’s business model is geared towards solving customer challenges to ensure their teams are safe, have a healthy working environment, and are compliant with current regulations.


Businesses are evolving. Companies now require employee training that extends far beyond traditional safety and compliance. We are a modern brand that stays current with ALL requirements for a safe and happy workplace.


At the end of the day, trust, integrity, honesty and dependability are all characteristics that everyone needs in a successful business relationship. These traits must be earned and we believe that our transparency plays a major role in customers knowing they can rely on us in every way possible.


Simply put, customers rely on us to have accurate information. Our team stays current with all regulations and this requires us to have a team of highly intelligent people that you can depend on.


While we take our work seriously, it’s a priority of ours to be a company that customers enjoy working with. Having fun is part of our culture and we truly believe that our products are better because they are developed by people that truly enjoy their work.

Company Regulations

Through our innovative e-learning platform and expert-led courses, as well
as our commitment to real people interaction and amazing customer service, we
aim to help companies prevent accidents, reduce risk, and meet regulatory
requirements while empowering their employees to take control of their own
safety and well-being. We are dedicated to delivering a superior customer
experience and being a trusted partner to our clients, while also maintaining a
transparent, and real approach to business. Our Google rating of 5 stars is a
direct result of our commitment to customer service.

We are committed to advancing employee development, safety and compliance practices in the workplace and making a positive impact on the lives of our customers and their employees.

5 Star Standards

We obviously feel very strongly that we are the best option when it comes to safety and compliance, but please
take a gander at our Google reviews. Better yet, search for our competitor’s Google reviews (yikes!)

“Lisamarie was great to work with. She kept our
company on track and informed with the best
safety videos that pertained to our business.”

“This is going to be a great tool for training
and tracking in our Company Safety Program.”

“Everyone I have ever had the pleasure of speaking
with at Atlantic Training has always been very
knowledgeable and incredibly helpful.”

“Jennifer was extremely easy to deal with,
professional and quick to respond to
any of my questions.”

“The products and services offered are not only of
high quality but the pricing and flexibility is very
competitive in the market.”