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Possibly The Greatest
Employee Training Content
of All Time.

Get the best in training content for HR Managers,
Safety Officers and Learning & Development
Managers. Just plug our stellar courses into your
system and start training like a boss.

Banish Outdated Training Content!

About Our Content

Looking for a Safety and HR training library that’s packed with modern workplace
learning and development courses?

Our extensive training library spans all industries and helps companies stay
up-to-date with the latest compliance standards. High-resolution video, detailed
procedure coverage, and updated content will keep your training routine fresh.

Be Prepared for Anything

Present your employees with training that touches on hundreds of different
workplace topics. From initial training, retraining and refreshers, we are proud
to provide a safety/HR course selection that’s unmatched.

Purchase the entire training course library and get updates or brand-new
release titles as they are launched.

We won’t leave you in the dark with outdated training programs. With our
unlimited course options you can take on any training requirements.

Adhere to Regulations

Let’s face it, anytime an employee steps out on the job site to perform work
they must be aware of Dept of Labor standards and procedures relative to their
job functions. Efficient and knowledgeable training will not only educate your
employees but leave a lasting impression.

Get training that protects you and your employees by being relevant and
current with each standard change. Our courses are 100% compliant and are
always maintained to ensure learning and development compliance.

Training Content Doesn’t Have to be “Boring”

Don’t end up with employees who lack enthusiasm and just want to “get it over
with” when it comes to training. If your employees aren’t engaged then they
aren’t learning. Grab their attention and maintain their focus with training
content that will resonate with them.

Our programs feature live-action footage paired with highly informative
animations to grab the learner’s attention. Nobody will be disappointed with
the in-depth knowledge and eye catching content our programs provide.

Training just got a little more exciting.

This is How We Do It...

Live-action video footage
paired with informative
animations to grab learners

Standard and regulation
based content that offers an
in-depth overview of each
OSHA topic

Always up-to-date training so
you can feel secure with the
content you’re offering your

Learning on Your Terms

All of our courses can be added to your LMS, website, HR software, or
presentations with a super simple upload or by copying & pasting. Whether
you just want to text the video to one of your teammates" or install it on
another training platform, Atlantic makes it easy to get training today.

Some of our common training formats include:

VOD Streaming

We can ”dispatch” a single course or hundreds of files within minutes.
Simply copy and paste a code almost anywhere and be up and running

We HIGHLY recommend this Format over any other because it allows you to take control of your
training and customize as needed.

Other benefits include:

  • Written Materials with each course including leaders guides, test and answer keys, and more Embed-able links ensuring you always have the most current content and multiple Languages
  • Closed Captioned
  • Using an LMS allows you to add additional items such as PPTs, your own questions, images, video, documents, etc making an off the shelf course your own.
  • Ability to broadcast to television for hands-on training
  • Or simply share the video via mobile platforms

Scorm Compliant Packages

Whether your platform is Scorm 1.2, Scorm 2001, AICC, or xAPI we
have all of the courses pre-built and ready to go. With a simple zip
download and upload into your Scorm Compliant system, the
Interactive training can be up and running in no time.

Benefits to Scorm include:

  • Interactive training - Our video-rich training combined with knowledge checks throughout as
    well as a score-able pre-built post-test at the end.
  • 80% passing grade required

Wave Platform

Of course, another option is to eliminate your high costs training
platform and use WAVE to serve up your training and get the best of
both worlds above. Even if you don’t wish to load users into the
system, Wave will allow you to “share” course files with a simple link.

Regardless of which method you choose, Atlantic Training has no
setup fee and service that can get you up and running
faster than you can make your next coffee run.

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