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Workplace Harassment Computer Software

Workplace Harassment

95% of all jobs throughout the US involve human interaction with employees and customers on a daily basis. As we all know during that interaction there is high levels communication between the people.  When communication and cooperation is hindered in some way, whether it€™s accidental or intentional the workplace can become "toxic" and threaten our sense of well-being. Feelings of stress, frustration and anger can boil to the surface, resulting in unsatisfactory attendance of employee€™s, lose in productivity, quality and safety hazards, as well as possible legal issues. When people hear the word "harassment" they usually think of sexual harassment, but harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior; from practical jokes to intimidation. It can also include threats, verbal abuse and discrimination, stalking, and assault. Without proper guidelines and rules set in place, anyone could misunderstand or can be subject to harassment. Our "Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities" training programs discuss the various types of harassment  found in the workplace, how they can affect an employee's work situation and what employees themselves can do to help prevent workplace harassment.

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OSHA's Position On Workplace Harassment Training

Generally speaking, nearly all of the jobs located in the United States will, at one time or another, involve interaction with others. Whether it’s management personnel, clients or co-workers, the types and nuances of communication can be extremely complex. This means that an entire work environment can be affected by something that may not be obvious to an outsider. In some cases, the overall morale of a workplace can be damaged, which creates a situation where people don’t feel safe and thus would rather avoid. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just occur by intentional actions, but can be the result of miscommunication that stems from a lack of knowledge about other people’s perceptions. The type of environment that results from this can be characterized as one with poor attendance, low productivity and lack of concentration that may even produce safety hazards and accidents. This is why OSHA deals with harassment violence that requires mandatory training (Directive number CPL 02-01-052) and sexual harassment that plagues offices and construction sites alike. The first goal of any harassment standard is to teach exactly what harassment is, in the first place. Besides obvious sexual harassment, it can also include:

  • “Practical” Jokes
  • Intimidation
  • Threats
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Discrimination
  • Stalking
  • Assault

This is the reason why proper training is so important to maintain a productive work environment, protect employees and eliminate a source of expensive legal action. The training tools that we provide are an invaluable source of material to recognize and deal with workplace harassment.

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