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Electronic Harassment is Still Harassment – Employee Version Training Course

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Master electronic communication laws to protect your organization and employees from legal risks.

9 minutes   |   SKU: ABCELE-E    |    Language(s): EN    |    Produced 2021








9 minutes

Training Objectives

Understand electronic harassment laws and their application in the workplace
Identify the risks and legal implications of electronic communication
Prevent electronic harassment; promote respectful behavior
Recognize the role of employers in maintaining a harassment-free workplace
Know employee rights; report electronic harassment correctly
Encourage respectful, transparent, legally compliant e-communication

Course Overview

The digital age has revolutionized how we work and communicate, with electronic channels becoming the norm. However, this shift brings new challenges, particularly concerning electronic harassment and legal implications in the workplace. It's crucial for every employee to grasp the laws, risks, and responsibilities associated with electronic communication to maintain a safe, respectful, and legally compliant work environment.

In this training, we delve into the complexities of electronic harassment and its impact on organizations and individuals. We explore how new technologies have reshaped business communication, emphasizing the need for awareness and adherence to legal standards. From the basics of electronic communication to understanding harassment laws and employer responsibilities, this course provides comprehensive insights.

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What is electronic harassment, and why is it a significant concern in modern workplaces?

Electronic harassment involves using digital devices to intimidate, threaten, or humiliate others, posing legal and ethical challenges in workplaces due to its widespread impact.

How does electronic harassment differ from traditional forms of workplace harassment?

Unlike traditional harassment, electronic harassment can reach a larger audience quickly, leading to increased legal risks and organizational challenges.

What are some examples of electronic harassment that can create a hostile work environment?

Examples include sending threatening messages, cyber-stalking, sharing private information without consent, and using electronic platforms for discriminatory behavior.

Why is it important for employees to understand their rights and reporting procedures regarding electronic harassment?

Understanding rights and procedures empowers employees to address harassment effectively, fostering a safer and more respectful work environment.

How can organizations proactively prevent electronic harassment and promote a culture of respect in digital communications?

By implementing clear policies, providing training, promoting awareness, and swiftly addressing instances of harassment, organizations can create a more inclusive and legally compliant workplace.

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