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Bystander Intervention Training Course

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Empower your workforce with bystander intervention skills—foster a harassment-free workplace and a culture of prevention.

3 minutes   |   SKU: ABCBYS    |    Language(s): EN / ES    |    Produced 2019








3 minutes

Training Objectives

Define bystander intervention for harassment prevention
Emphasize the importance of timely intervention
Provide effective communication techniques
Equip with practical intervention strategies

Course Overview

Bystander intervention is a critical element of harassment prevention. When co-workers speak up, harassment is far less likely to occur. 

The technique is simple…when bystanders see harassment, they must take action, rather than silently witnessing the harassment and doing nothing. Bystander intervention creates a culture where harassment is not tolerated, and it puts prevention in the hands of every single employee. Future harassers will realize that their co-workers will speak up if they witness harassment and will think twice before harassing an individual in the workplace. 

In order for bystander intervention to work, managers and supervisors must not only encourage intervention, but they must train their employees on how to intervene. 

This course covers: 

  • The definition of bystander intervention
  • Why to intervene
  • When to intervene
  • Talking to victims
  • Talking to harassers
  • Intervention techniques

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What is the primary aim of bystander intervention?

Bystander intervention aims to prevent harassment by empowering all employees to take action.

How does bystander intervention contribute to workplace culture?

It fosters a culture where harassment is not tolerated, as every employee plays a role in prevention.

What does the course cover regarding the definition of bystander intervention?

The course explains the concept of bystander intervention and its significance in harassment prevention.

When is it appropriate for bystanders to intervene according to the course?

Bystanders should intervene when they witness harassment occurring in the workplace.

Why is it important for managers and supervisors to be involved in bystander intervention?

Managers and supervisors play a crucial role in encouraging intervention and providing training to employees on effective intervention techniques.

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