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Supervisor Training Programs and Courses

Supervisor Training

Anyone in a leadership role has a tremendous amount of responsibility, for the employees and the company. Leadership requires individuals to know, act, and understand what is €œin the best interest€ for the company, while keeping the employees safe, motivated, and productive. One thing that is €œkey€ in a leadership role is €œlead by example€. When a leader is strong in his or her abilities, the employees will follow suite; the same can be said if the supervisor isn€™t up to par. If the supervisor disregards some or all of the rules and so will the employees; which leads to accidents, losses in production, and possible lawsuits. Safety training for supervisors is an inexpensive way of turning an average supervisor into a great supervisor, increase productivity, and increase your bottom-line. Our Supervisor Training Programs include training on materials for safety, communicating with employees, and one-on-one training, as well as information on auditing work areas. The programs are based on case studies and offer safety examples.

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OSHA's Position On Supervisor Training

OSHA’s view on maintaining a safe work environment relates to ensuring that employees understand the importance of taking responsibility and maintaining diligence. When it comes to adhering to OSHA’s suggestions and mandatory regulations, supervisors are vital in overseeing worker activities. This is why OSHA is particularly concerned with a supervisor’s ability to provide an example for their subordinates to follow. Of course, honing one’s leadership abilities is an opportunity that can eventually lead to a reduction in accidents and the serious consequences associated with them. That’s because the most effective leaders are able to communicate the importance of abiding by the safety procedures by what they do as well as what they say. In addition, the best supervisors are those who form strong “connections” with their workers by establishing a rapport based on supportive communication. These attributes can be learned/improved with the proper training materials. Therefore, the investment that you make when obtaining advanced supervisor training tools can result in overall increases in production and a decrease in accident-related losses. The topics that are covered include:

In addition to our easy-to-understand and informative DVD video presentations, we also offer additional training tools that include; CD-ROM format training programs, reminder posters, employee booklets and other training materials that come bundled with our instruction programs.

Please look over our high quality Supervisor Training materials that will allow you to completely meet your company’s training objectives without having to look elsewhere! Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.    


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