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Supervisor Safety Training Video

Supervisor Training Powerpoint Created by: Department of Administration, Louisiana

Topics Covered:

  • What are Supervisory Responsibilities?
  • What is a Safety Meeting?
  • How to conduct an Incident/Accident Investigations?
  • How to analyze Job Safety?
  • What is a Good Inspection Program?
  • What are some Inspection Examples?
  • How and When to Conduct Training?

Date Created: 2002 Number of Slides: 99 OSHA Regulations: This presentation is complaint with 29 CFR 1960.9. Created by: Department of Administration, Louisiana

Supervisor Safety Training Video

Leadership Skills for Safety: Supervisor Safety Training Video

  • Training DVD
  • 10 Handbooks
  • Leaders Guide
Supervisor Safety Training Video

Other Supervisor Training Presentations

Date Created: 2006 Number of Slides: 67 OSHA Regulations: This presentation is AtlantcTrainingt with 29 CFR 1960.9. Created by: US Mine Rescue Association

Date Created: 2012 Number of Slides: 20 OSHA Regulations: This presentation is AtlantcTrainingt with 29 CFR 1960.9. Created by: OSHA Training Network USA

Construction Safety Management PPT

was made by New Mexico Mutual. Some points covered in this presentation are: Benefits of a Safety Program, Establishing Project-Specific Activities, Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors/Management, How Supervisors solve problems and make decisions, What Supervisor do when planning and scheduling, What to do to increase productivity, and What is Cost awareness.

 Safety Training for Managers & Supervisors PPT

Texas Mutual produced about Safety Training for Managers & Supervisors found on slides #18 to #23. A Supervisor is given training on Safety Management Planning to achieve a safe production. The importance of safety is to avoid some factors: Bad Public Relation, Cost of Accidents, Expense Control and Legal Concerns. Other topics included are: Safety Management Elements, Equipment and Materials Management,Development of a Safety Management Plan.

Supervisor Safety: IIPP Powerpoint

California State University provided on Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP). Supervisors responsibility is to identify, eliminate and minimize hazards. Another is to make sure an employee undergoes training before starting work, supervise employees to make sure safety compliance is observed and to investigate accidents and make reports. Other topics included are: Eight Components of IIPP, Job Safety Analysis, Hierarchy of Control, Hazard Communication.