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Food Safety Training Programs and Courses

Food Safety

It doesn€™t matter if the business that is serving food is a restaurant, cafeteria, company picnic, or any activity involving food; food supply safety is vital. According to the Center for Disease Control, €œFood borne illnesses€ are responsible for 325,000 hospitalizations each year and as many as 5,000 deaths across the US€. Because of the health risks associated to food preparation, the USDA and the FDA have strict guidelines that every facility in the food service industry or company that supplies food must comply with. Keeping up with up- to-date information on the regulations, training employees, and enforcing the guidelines can be a very overwhelming task; that most facilities fall behind on. That is where Compliance and Safety comes in, we offer the most comprehensive training available, at affordable prices to keep your facility in compliance to the guidelines. The programs explains different bacteria, the difference between cleaning and sanitizing, how to properly kill bacteria, hot and cold temperatures required for food safety, contamination of foods and cross contamination of different types of food and more, even the Bioterrorism Act. This is an excellent training program for anyone in Food Service, Hospitality, & Sanitation industry.

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OSHA's Position On Food Safety Training

The overall safety of the public can rely on things such as regulations that address food safety issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a restaurant or a grocery store, safe food shipping, storage, cooking and handling procedures are essential to maintaining the health of the general population. Because of this, the FDA and USDA have a number of strict guidelines and regulations in place that are designed to enforce food safety in every food handling and preparation venue. The truth of the matter, however is that it’s easy to overlook or fall behind on the changes that can occur in regulation guidelines. This is the reason why we present a complete training program that encompasses the prevention of bacteria that can be spread through incorrect food storage, food bacteria cross-contamination and improper cleaning techniques associated with food preparation. Fortunately, we have made training materials available that specifically address all of the requirements that have been set down in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that has recently been signed into law by President Obama. These materials cover:

Other materials are also available in the form of workplace reminder posters and food safety employee handbooks. With these materials, we have successfully created the most comprehensive training programs that are specifically designed to keep your facility in compliance with USDA and FDA regulations. For those who are in the Food Service, Hospitality, & Sanitation industry, this is the perfect solution for training current and new employees in the most practical and economical way possible. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

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