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September 3, 2018

Worker dies in vat of food waste at recycling/energy facility

What started as a slip-and-fall incident turned deadly at a plant near Walt Disney World that recycles food waste from the entertainment park.

Authorities say two men were emptying oil and grease from a semi-truck at Harvest Power, a facility that turns food scraps into renewable energy and fertilizer, into a vat.

One of the workers, identified as 61-year-old John Korody, slipped on a grate and fell into the vat.

Korody’s co-worker tried to pull him out of the vat, but he was overcome by fumes from the oil and grease. Korody was pronounced dead at the scene. Local fire department personnel recovered his body. Korody was an employee of Harvest.

The plant gets much of its raw material from nearby Walt Disney World facilities.

According to Harvest’s website, the plant “uses anaerobic digestion to turn organic waste from the 50 million visitors to Central Florida each year into clean, renewable energy.”

A Harvest spokeswoman said, “This was a tragic incident. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of this co-worker. We are in shock and grief and figuring out what happened.”

Harvest emphasized safety measures in the wake of the death and also provided grief counselors for the team at the facility.

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