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About Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Employees in the building and construction industry face numerous hazards every day, from working with hand and power tools to exposure to hazardous chemicals. The type of materials used in a construction site also  plays a big part in occupational hazards, such as Asbestos and Formaldehyde by-products. According to the Labor Board and the US Census Council, there were 5214 occupational deaths reported during 2009 in the building and construction field. The investigation also states that there was a total of 3.3 million reported cases of non -fatal occupational injuries or illnesses. Because the rates of these occupational hazards are so high, OSHA€™s   €œtarget industry" is building and construction. They created strict Standards for construction companies to place emphasis on the safety of employees.  Compliance and Safety offers €œConstruction Safety Programs" to assist in companies in teaching their employees how to spot hazardous situations and review what they can do to work safely and accident-free. The Construction Safety Videos are very simple to use and cover important information on the safety and well-being of each employee, as well as other regulatory compliance topics.

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OSHA's Position On Construction Safety Training

The construction industry, unfortunately, is known for providing a potentially hazardous workplace in which constant adherence to safety standards are absolutely necessary. For this reason, OSHA has set down mandatory safety training parameters in order to ensure the safest work environment for employees. The problem with this scenario has to do with the fact that most construction employers don’t possess the resources to continuously train their employees (especially new personnel). This is precisely the reason why we have created exceptional quality training videos that go over the OSHA regulations in easy-to-understand language so that employees will retain the information that’s presented.

There are a number of training topics available that will correspond with OSHA regulations, which include:

  • Safely Operating Cranes (as outlined in OSHA’s 1926.550 specifications)
  • Electrical Safety (as outlined in OSHA’s 1926.550 (d)(2)(ii) specifications)
  • Power Transmission and many other training directives.

Accidents, within the construction industry can not only represent serious (and even fatal) employee injury, but they can also result in needless expenditures related to higher insurance rates and damaged equipment. With the economical and cost-effective training materials that we offer, your company will have the means to establish a practical training program that will meet OSHA training requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and we’ll be pleased to assist you with any questions that you may have.