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Heat Stress: Employee Safety Training Course

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Heat stress is the cause of death for dozens of employees who work in hot, humid, or demanding environments.

10 minutes   |   SKU: AT019    |    Language(s): EN / ES / FR    |    Produced 2023




EN / ES / FR




10 minutes

Training Objectives

Identify common risk factors for heat stress.
Understand the dangers of heat exposure.
Determine risk factors based on unique circumstances.
Distinguish between environmental and internal heat stressors.

Course Overview

According to occupational injury data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dozens of workers die every year from heat exposure. Thousands more report sickness due to working in hot or humid environments. Heat hazards are present across many industries. Although most prevalent in the transportation, manufacturing, protective services, installation and repair , construction, and maintenance industries, risk of exposure to high temperatures can be identified in practically all occupations.

In this training, you will identify common risk factors of environmental heat and bodily overheating, learn the main dangers of heat exposure, and will explore safe work practices. Staying safe during hot, humid, or physically demanding tasks first involves recognizing potential hazards, unique physiological considerations, and workplace conditions.This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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