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Scissor Lifts: Not just an exercise at the gym

scissor lifts

Scissor lifts! And no I’m not talking about the ab-busting exercise at the gym that wouldn’t hurt for me to do to counteract the beer I drink on the weekends. I’m talking about the elevated work platform that received it’s name “scissor lift” due to the cross design of the steel beams used to increase…

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Construction Safety Infographic: Construction Fatalities

Construction Accidents and Fatalities

It’s no secret that construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. The term “Construction’s Fatal Four” was coined for a reason, in an effort to reduce these 4 most common reasons for deaths in construction. That’s why construction safety is extremely important to implement and monitor for every job task related…

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OSHA National Safety Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

With the coming of warmer temperatures in most of the country comes an increase in construction activity. Unfortunately, if history teaches us anything, with increased construction activity comes increased worker injuries and fatalities. Falls continue to top the list of fatalities in construction year after year, so OSHA has once again decided to roll out…

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The Fatal Four and Safety In the Construction Industry

Construction Injury and Deaths

Construction’s “Fatal Four” consists of four deadly construction hazards that contribute to a mass of fatalities year after year. They make up the majority of construction deaths, making them a major focus in construction safety training programs. The top four causes of construction fatalities are: Falls, Struck-By, Caught-In/Between and Electrocutions. The following infographic shows just how…

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Construction Safety Infographic: Construction Accidents

Construction Worker Fatalities

The numbers regarding construction deaths each day in the United States is quite staggering. They can be attributed to 4 major causes of accidents, which ultimately puts construction at one of the top most dangerous industries to work in. This creates a strong necessity to place an emphasis on construction safety and the reduction of…

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Scissor Lift Accidents Spur OSHA to Issue Hazard Warning

A spate of accidents involving scissor lifts has caused the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to issue a hazard alert outlining employers’ obligations and preventive measures. Scissor lifts aren’t just used in warehousing; they also are common in the construction, retail, entertainment and manufacturing industries, among others. OSHA points out that over a one-year…

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Whole Life Construction Llc faces $48K in OSHA fines for Bridgeport hazards

Feb. 2, 2016 Stratford contractor again exposes employees to fall, scaffold hazards Whole Life Construction Llc faces $48K in OSHA fines for Bridgeport hazardsEmployer name: Whole Life Construction Llc, 306 Bird Circle, Stratford, Connecticut Citations issued: On Jan. 21, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Whole Life Construction Llc…

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Reminder: Are You in Compliance with OSHA’s New Construction Confined Space Standard?

Most employers in the construction industry already know that OSHA issued a new confined space standard for construction that became effective on August 3, 2015. Companies with employees who enter confined spaces at construction sites must be sure to understand the new regulation and adjust their processes in order to remain in compliance. Although the…

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TriBeCa Crane Collapse

1. A crane collapse in New York City killed one person and injured three others, according to the New York City Fire Department. Two of the injuries were considered serious and the other minor, officials said. 2. Emergency workers converge at the scene of a collapsed crane in a roadway in lower Manhattan the morning…

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Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Pays

illness prevention

Each day, 12 workers die at their job while another 10,000 workers suffer serious job-related injuries. Even looking at these astounding figures, employers can prevent these events from happening at their worksite. With a comprehensive program incorporating the employers and employees, the risk of injury and illness can be nearly eliminated. That’s what our I2P2:…

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