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Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Pays

Each day, 12 workers die at their job while another 10,000 workers suffer serious job-related injuries. Even looking at these astounding figures, employers can prevent these events from happening at their worksite. With a comprehensive program incorporating the employers and employees, the risk of injury and illness can be nearly eliminated.

That’s what our I2P2: Injury and Illness Prevention Program is all about. Injury and illness prevention is designed to minimize the number of injuries and accidents at the workplace as well as reduce the financial burden companies experience from these incidents. This program outlines a process in which employers can determine workplace hazards and fix them appropriately. The result of this program has a major impact on the number of workplace injuries as well as a significant increase in productivity, reduction in cost and increase in quality of work.

Most of the United States and many countries around the globe are required to participate and facilitate an Injury and Illness prevention program. Several key items you’ll find in an I2P2 program are: hazard awareness and prevention, worker participation, management leadership, and hazard prevention which will ultimately lead to a healthier and significantly safer work environment.

Failure to adopt this type of program has been proven to be costly both on a direct level and indirect level. Directly, worker’s compensation, has been estimated to cost employers billions of dollars each year to their injured workers. Indirectly, these cost are multiplied sometimes 4x more than our direct cost. Essentially, employers are paying out significant amount of money for issues that can be managed and maintained through thorough trainings with I2P2. Though, it’s been undeniably proven that taking steps in reducing risk of workplace injury and illness pays on all fronts.

What can you do to prevent these issues? Take the initiative and administer I2P2 training in your workplace to not only put money back in your pocket, but to protect your workforce from unnecessary injury and illness. Take a look at our brand new program, I2P2: Injury and Illness Prevention Program, designed to protect your workers and your worksite. Start putting money back in your pocket and start keeping your team safe today.