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Autonomous Mining, Construction Vehicles Aid in Worker Safety July 22, 2019 No Comments

Autonomous Mining

The future of vehicles has always been somewhat fantasized. Quotes from movies such as Back to the Future, “Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads,” and futuristic scenes depicted through novels make us feel like a tin can with four wheels getting us from Point A to Point B is just plain old […]

Bad vibrations June 11, 2019 No Comments


Operating power tools, vehicles and heavy equipment can take both an immediate and eventual toll on the body.
For millions of workers in the construction, maintenance, mining, forestry, transportation, agriculture and automotive industries, the effects of sustained on-the-job exposure to vibration – whether hand-arm or whole-body – may lead to various health problems.
So what can be […]

Construction company owner faces jail time for allegedly lying to OSHA March 4, 2019 No Comments


What makes OSHA go directly after company owners and executives? Lying to the agency is definitely one reason.
We’ve noted it before: The difference between facing civil OSHA penalties and criminal charges against company owners or executives is often an accusation of lying about the events surrounding employee injuries or death.
That’s the situation once again […]

‘Deadly Skyline’: Construction deaths keep climbing in New York state, but fall in New York City February 3, 2019 No Comments


New York — Construction worker fatalities remain on the rise in New York state while continuing to decline in New York City, according to an annual report released by the advocacy group New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health.
Deadly Skyline: An Annual Report on Construction Fatalities in New York State, released Jan. 30, states […]

Fall Protection Harness – Free Stock Photo January 4, 2019 No Comments

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Image Description: A fall prevention system in the form of a harness, lanyards, D-clips, locking snap hooks, lines, connectors, anchors and the body […]

Crane Illustration – Free Stock Photo No Comments

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Image Description: Image of a crane in action, hoisting a single steel beam. The crane is in mid-rotation as it relocates the material it’s […]

Fatality Investigation: Dump Truck Operator Electrocuted to Death December 3, 2018 No Comments


The Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program is tasked with investigating fatalities and making recommendations to ensure they do not occur again. This is one of their recent cases.
On Friday, June 22, 2018, a dump truck driver was electrocuted when he stepped off the vehicle’s running board while the raised truck bed was […]

Company pleads guilty to manslaughter, pays $852K in death of worker July 21, 2018 No Comments


A construction company has pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter for causing the death of a construction worker.
Juan Chonillo fell 29 stories to his death on Sept. 21, 2017 at a construction site in New York City.
SSC High Rise Inc. has paid $842,000 in restitution and a $10,000 corporate fine, the maximum permitted under […]

Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety July 16, 2018 No Comments


The term “time is money” is quite literal in the construction industry. The constant pressure project managers and crews face to meet deadlines and stay within budget often causes safety to fall to the wayside. In 2016, out of 4,693 worker fatalities in private industry, one in five were in construction. Implementing each of these […]

Company faces criminal penalties for trench death March 26, 2018 No Comments


A construction company faces criminal charges in connection with an employee’s death due to a trench collapse.
Susquehanna Supply Co. Inc. of Williamsport, PA, has been charged with willfully committing an OSHA violation that resulted in an employee’s death.
Susquehanna Supply’s primary business is bridge rehabilitation. The company contracted with the PA Department of Transportation to […]

Six dead in FIU bridge collapse March 19, 2018 No Comments

bridge collapse

A new pedestrian bridge under construction near the campus of Florida International University collapsed Thursday, crushing eight cars underneath the concrete slabs. The Miami-Dade Police Department confirmed to NBC Miami on Friday that six people have died.
“This has turned into from a rescue to a recovery operation,” Det. Alvaro Zabaleta said.
According to NBC Miami, 10 […]

Seattle Construction Company Owner Faces Manslaughter Charge After Fatal Trench Collapse January 15, 2018 No Comments

trench collapse

Olympia, WA — The owner of a Seattle construction company is facing a second-degree manslaughter charge stemming from a 2016 employee death, marking the first time a workplace fatality in Washington state has prompted a felony charge, according to the Washington Department of Labor & Industries.
Alki Construction owner Phillip Numrich was charged Jan. 5 by […]

Brooklyn Construction Company Owner Indicted for Manslaughter May 23, 2017 No Comments


The owner of a Bedford-Stuyvesant construction company and his businesses have been indicted on manslaughter and other charges after a wall collapsed at an excavation site, killing construction worker Fernando Vanegaz and injuring two others.
Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, together with New York City Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark G. Peters, New York City […]

58 Percent of Construction Workers Say Safety Takes a Backseat to Productivity No Comments

construction workers

A National Safety Council survey found 58 percent of Americans working in construction – the industry that sees the most workplace fatalities each year – feel that safety takes a backseat to productivity and completing job tasks. What’s more, 51 percent say management does only the minimum required by law to keep employees safe, and […]

Suicide in the Construction Industry May 8, 2017 No Comments


The construction and extraction industries have the second-highest rate of suicide – 53.3 per 100,000 workers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Factors that have led to such a high rate of suicide in construction may include:

A role that often is isolating
Periods of unsteady employment depending on seasons
Mental health stigma […]