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About Healthcare Training

Healthcare Training

Employees of Healthcare facilities, people who are caregivers, elder care workers, or are in the personal care field are all in high risk of hazardous chemical contamination, occupational injuries, death, and possible conflicts. Individuals working in healthcare also runs the risk of contaminating, injuring or even killing the very patient they are trying to treat. Because of the high risks, for the employee and patients, OSHA created strict regulations that all Healthcare facilities and independent healthcare workers must comply with. Compliance and Safety offers attention-grabbing programs filmed on-site, some using real footage within the Healthcare Training Industry to accurately expose the possible hazards that may occur in the work environment. These programs also address the €œStandard Precautions Healthcare,€ a combination of Universal Precautions and Body Substance Isolation. Other basic topics addressed in these programs include: Back Safety, Hazardous Material, Blood borne Diseases, Tuberculosis, Lifting patience, Procedures, Measure Vitals, and more.

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OSHA's Position On Healthcare Training

As would be expected, some of the most highly regulated professional environments relate to the healthcare industry. As such, there are a large number of OSHA requirements that specifically address different care procedures, equipment and protocols. These key OSHA standards need to be thoroughly understood and correctly implemented, in order to maintain necessary OSHA compliance. But, like in most training scenarios, expediency and completeness can often be compromised if a company doesn’t have a standardized training program with the proper tools to conduct seminars/classes at any given point in time. In essence, the best way to approach this strategy is to maintain a complete video library that covers applicable subject matter.

Here, the major goal will pertain to addressing the OSHA requirements in a manner that will be clear and concise. The training materials that we offer are designed to be easily understood and comprehensive. They include topics such as:

These training materials are known for complete coverage of their subject matter in a way that illustrates each concept clearly and in plain language. This way, there can be no confusion that can often be associated with OSHA written terms and concepts. In addition, we have made these training materials affordable and cost effective for those who require a complete training program/library at their disposal. Look over at the materials that we offer and feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have.