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Fire Safety in Healthcare Training Programs and Courses

Fire Safety in Healthcare

Fires, no matter where they occur can be very scary and hazardous to individuals but in a healthcare facility, it makes matters worse. In a healthcare facility on any given day, there are thousands of lives at risk, many hazardous gases, an abundance of flammable materials, and many people who need assistance to move in case of an evacuation. With these conditions, healthcare workers need to understand the different types of fire, practice preventative measures, and enforce fire safety on a daily basis.

Our Fire Safety training will teach your healthcare staff how to remain calm during a fire, help minimize the causalities and damage to the facilities clients.


OSHA's Position On Fire Safety in Healthcare Training

Fire Safety and Prevention [OSHA1910.39(b)] is an essential topic in every work environment. Because of this fact, OSHA regulations, in conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) directives pertain to just about every work environment. The goal of our training videos is to create a clear understanding of those directives in areas that include:

  • Fire Extinguishers [OSHA 1910.157]
  • Industrial Fire Prevention
  • Healthcare Facilities Fire Prevention
  • Office Fire Prevention
  • HAZWOPER Fire Prevention

When dealing with fire prevention issues, it can be confusing when two different entities (NFPA and OSHA) are involved. This is one reason why it can greatly simplify your compliance training requirements by ordering your training materials through our website. We provide a comprehensive set of tools that effectively cover all aspects of fire training that your organization is required to address. One of the outstanding features of our training materials is the fact that we encompass all of your OSHA training requirements from diverse sources that could otherwise be overlooked or require extensive time to research on your own. Either looking up every source of OSHA training materials or assigning someone that task is an unnecessary waste of time and business resources when everything that is required for compliance can be obtained in one location. If you have any questions regarding OSHA’s or the NFPA training material presented on our site, please give us a call. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.

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