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May 1, 2024

Change Log:
- Learners can now access the "My Toolbox" view from their dashboard.
- Added ability for preview versions of VOD Dispatches to be...
- Changed selected enrollment expiration date to reflect 11:59:59 PM of the date selected, rather than 12:00:00 AM of the date selected.
- Fixed multiple analytic dashboard issues including "Course Updates" and "Logins" widget.
- Fix for error "Cannot change Enrolled From date because some learners has already launched the course." when saving Enrollment details.
- Fix for error when trying to add "Auto Enrolled Courses" to a Group using the "Change existing auto-enrolled" option but with all "Do not change" enrollment options.

Apr 15, 2024

Change Log:
- Made improvements to media playback in streaming video courses to prevent unnecessary buffering.
- Fixed issue which prevented group manager from seeing...
complete catalog in enrollment view despite proper permissions.
- Fixed issue which could occur when enrolling certain combination of course types together.

Mar 22, 2024

Change Log:
- When a learner's enrollment in a custom course is restarted or re-enrolled their course progress is now reset as well.
- Fixed an issue where restarted ...
or re-enrolled enrollments in a custom course would not consistently populate the course opened field.
- Fixed an issue which prevented learners from being able to review a previously submitted question course section if the question on the course section is updated while they are still in progress.
- Added easier way for learners to view their current enrollment results for a custom course in progress and restart if needed.

Mar 12, 2024

Change Log:
- Frequency of enrollment reminder emails can now be customized to be sent as often as you would like rather than only sending to your learners once.
- I...
f a record has a group assigned to it then only users which belong to that group can be added to the record.
- Fix for browser history navigation for list and catalog views which prevented the "back" and "forward" browser buttons from working as intended.
- Managers can now unenroll their learners from courses even if their own enrollment has expired.
- Updated design of the support portal.
- Updated icons on the learner dashboard.

Feb 27, 2024

Due to an upgrade to the capabilities of our enrollment notification system you may have received emails pertaining to old enrollments. These were sent in error and we apologize for the inconven...
ience. These old notifications should not be sent again, if you have any further issues contact support here.

Jan 22, 2024

Change Log:
- Fixed formatting of Custom Course multiple choice responses.
- Fixed an issue which caused the "Uploads" Course Section Type to someti...
mes render incorrectly on tablet / mobile resolutions.
- Fixed an issue which was preventing the "Re-Enrollment" job from completing successfully in some instances.

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