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Safety Training is Saving Lives, but Four Industries Remain High Risk

Rate Fatal Occupational Injuries by State 2014

  OSHA¬†(the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) estimates that, prior to its inception in 1971, some 14,000 workers were killed on the job each year. ¬†Though the most recent accident statistics are not yet complete, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show just 4,679 workplace deaths in 2014, up a little from 2012…

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Forklift Safety Infographic: Making the Case for Rigorous Forklift Safety

It doesn’t take much to convince someone that forklift safety is vital in preventing forklift injuries and even deaths. The truth of the matter is that forklifts are heavy pieces of dangerous equipment that require safe operation and maintenance. That said, a forklift safety program is vital for companies that typically use forklifts in their…

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Warehouse Safety Infographic: The Dangers of Modern Warehouses and How to Prevent Them

warehouse safety infographic

Related Training DVDs Warehouse Safety by Coastal Training / DuPont Ergonomics by Atlantic Training High Lift Trucks by Coastal Training Warehouse Safety by Summit Training Source Forklift Safety by Summit Training Source The modern warehouse can be a dangerous work environment. There are fatalities along with general injuries from workplace accidents in warehouses related to…

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