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Apr 12, 2019
.fixed-ratio-resize { max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: auto; } .pdfprnt-buttons { display:none !important; } Funny Safety Clips Sometimes Humor Is The Best Safety Training Option First Aid Fail by The Office Fire Safety by The Office HR Training by The Office Cultural Sensitivity by The Office Drug Safety Training by The Office These Are NOT Safe! Workplace Safety F

What is Arc Flash? Answering The Common NFPA 70E Basics

Feb 14, 2019
“Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong” – Murphy’s Law   Believed to only be a rare event, arc flash can happen to any employee at any point when dealing with electrical equipment or machinery. The right conditions can cause a catastrophic event. It’s important employees and employers understand what arc flash is, how it happens, and what can be done to help prevent such dis

2019 OSHA Penalties Increase And Incident Tracking Change

Jan 17, 2019
During 2018 OSHA was already proposing plans to revise regulations and update standards for 2019. Not only will it be pertinent for incidents to be tracked and turned in at the end of the year using OSHA Form 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses), but OSHA also plans on increasing the maximum penalty amounts for workplace safety violations.   Final Rules – Incident Trac

Fire Extinguisher Safety – Free Stock Photo

Jan 04, 2019
ATTRIBUTION REQUIRED: This image is free to use for all purposes including commercial use but you must provide a link back to as the source of the forklift image. Learn more.   Image Description: Understanding how to use a fire extinguisher is important especially when you are in the face of a fire. This illustration depicts a fire extinguisher in front of a warning

Do You Know The Hazard Communication Pictograms?

Dec 19, 2018
  All chemicals in the workplace must be properly labeled which includes pictograms showcasing the types of chemical hazards present on those labels. OSHA requires these pictograms to inform any person(s) in contact with that chemical of the type of exposure they risk being vulnerable to. Pictograms provide a quick visual warning of the chemical dangers on each substance with each image havi

What PPE should I use for the job? – Conducting a Hazard Assessment

Nov 19, 2018
What is PPE? PPE otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment is the safety equipment worn to minimize the risk of exposure to hazards or injuries on the job site. Personal Protective Equipment can include: Head Protection – Hard Hat (Class A, Class B, Class C), Bump Hat Hearing Protection – Earmuffs, Single-use Earplugs, Molded or Pre-formed Earplugs Eye Protection – Gogg

Write an Effective Incident Report in 5 Steps

Oct 26, 2018
With proper safety training and an air-tight safety program in your workplace, you won’t have to write too many incident reports. However, sometimes things slip through the cracks and it results in an incident or near-miss. When this happens, it’s not only mandated by OSHA to report it, but it can be imperative in future prevention of like incidents. The best way to go about reporting an incid

7 Halloween Monsters and Ghoulish Safety Precautions

Oct 15, 2018
In the spirit of the season, we decided to take the time to map out our favorite 7 Halloween monsters and ghoulish safety precautions they represent.    Freddy Kreuger = Workplace Fatigue A Nightmare on Elm Street (Warner Bros. Pictures)  1…2… Freddy’s coming for you….Trying to stay awake when you are tired or feeling exhausted can be hard to control. Workplace fatigue is

Sexual Harassment, Take The Right Steps

Oct 03, 2018
Recently, sexual harassment has become a big issue brought to light by the media. From famous entertainers, political representatives and even big industry leaders, sexual harassment is more common than ever. Unfortunately, it has always been a reoccurring issue in the workplace environment.   So what is sexual harassment? When you hear sexual harassment the first thought that comes to mind i

Forklift Safety Training Debunked

Aug 17, 2018
  This general forklift safety overview will cover the basic standards and OSHA requirements for driving an industrial truck. Forklifts or lift trucks are common machines used in industrial, construction and various other workplace settings. These types of powered industrial trucks are used to raise, lower, move, and relocate materials on the job site. OSHA requires employees that are going