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Office Ergonomics

Office work is rapidly changing with the continuous developments in technology, but it is also presenting new problems for both management and employees. With this increase of technology, it is increasing the risk of spinal problems, eyestrain, and Carpal Tunnel. These problems are becoming very costly to the employees as well as the company. Ergonomics is a tool, which business owners, managers, and employees can use to help prevent injuries in the office environment. Ergonomics reduces the risk of injury by adapting the work to fit the employee, instead of forcing the employee to adapt to the work. Ergonomics is also enhances work performance, by removing the barriers that exist in many work places that prevent employees from performing to the best of their abilities. Our "Office Ergonomics" training programs address how to recognize ergonomic problems, the potential of adverse effects and practical solutions employees themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems in the office. Topics covered in the products include: Physiology of the body, Parts of the body most affected, Eye strain, Pragmatic preventative measures, Correct use of office equipment, Exercises and stress release and more.

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