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Remote Worker: Safety, Health and Security

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Working from home comes with its own set of health, safety, and security hazards. You can still safely work remotely.

19 minutes   |   SKU: 5109    |    Language(s): EN / ES    |    Produced 2020








19 minutes

Training Objectives

Consider factors involved in selecting your home work environment.
Identify safe remote work practices.
Learn about maintaining a "workplace mindset" while working from home.
Identify risks related to fall prevention, fires, ergonomics, and cybersecurity.

Course Overview

In today's technology-driven and ever-changing world, the ability and necessity of working from home or at a remote location is on the rise. Generally referred to as "remote work," this working arrangement commonly finds workers performing their job duties from a "home office" or a "home-based worksite." There are many benefits of remote work for both the employee and employer; however, it's important that all parties understand their responsibilities related to the safety and health of remote workers as well as the cyber security of their operations.

This program explains those responsibilities as well as OSHA regulatory requirements regarding remote work and the policies that employers use to manage safety responsibilities for their employees. The program also discusses in detail the various hazards that can be found in the home work environment and the safe practices remote workers can follow to control them. Topics include selecting a location for a home workspace, maintaining a "workplace mindset," fall prevention, fire safety, home office ergonomics, the ergonomics of cell phones and tablets, and computer security for the remote worker.

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