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HAZMAT Environments Online Training, Streaming Videos, SCORM LMS Plugins &

HAZMAT Environments

Hazardous materials and waste products can be found in every business industry throughout the country, as well as electricity. When they are combined, it can be deadly. There are strict regulations that facilities need to follow for the handling, disposal of materials, and the use of electricity around them. OSHA mandates are designed to protect employees, businesses, and the environment. With the use of our HAZMAT environment safety training products, employees will learn how to recognize, handling, and dispose of potentially dangerous substances. Our training meets all of OSHA€™s regulation requirements. Topics include: What regulation are, Why the regulations were created, Hazardous materials, definitions and classes, Hazard communication, Hazard "indicators", such as labels, shipping papers and placards, Where hazardous materials may be encountered, Packaging and storage, Shipping, Transport(trucks, ships, rail, etc.), Security risks and terrorism, and more.

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