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for the Food Retailing Industry Online Training, Streaming Videos, SCORM LMS Plugins &

for the Food Retailing Industry

Any retailer that sells food needs to train employees about possible food contamination with hazardous chemicals from the workplace.  Employees are not only introduced to hazardous chemicals in their own work environment, but food is handled, and sold to other.  Most hazardous chemicals are harsh enough by themselves to cause temporary to permanent damage, when some chemicals are combined the result could be death. Because of possible contamination, OSHA created strict regulations for retailers to comply with.  OSHA€™s regulations state that all employees that may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, must be informed and trained of the all the risks. Our training products, on "Right-To-Know for Food Retailing Industry", introduces employees to the "Right-To-Know" regulations and provides training on the various types of chemicals used in the Food Retailing industry. The training products assist service and retailer facilities in complying with federal, state and municipal "Right-To-Know" regulations and "chemical hazard" laws. Other topics include: Chemical hazard concepts, The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Types of hazardous chemicals, Characteristics and effects of various types of chemicals, Safe handling practices, Container labels and the labeling procedure, Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), Spills and cleanup, and more.

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