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School Bus Safety Training for Bus Drivers Training Programs and Courses

School Bus Safety Training for Bus Drivers

There are thousands of vehicle accidents reported yearly throughout the US, hundreds of them involve school buses. The lives of thousands of children are in the hands of bus drivers on a daily basis so a high level of safety awareness is a must.  In order for facilities and districts to comply with DOT School Bus safety, all drivers must be trained. Compliance and Safety offers the most up-to €“date school bus safety training at an affordable price. These School Bus Training Videos were carefully developed to meet the specific needs of school bus drivers. Designed for both new and experienced drivers, these videos provide practical messages that focus on the real-world situations your drivers face every day. Other points covered: Passenger Safety, Driving Techniques, Seeing Hazards, Defensive Driving, Using Your Mirrors, Emergency Maneuvers, and more.

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OSHA's Position On School Bus Safety Training for Bus Drivers

Most of us are aware of the fact that there are thousands of vehicle accidents reported each year. However, some of the most unfortunate accidents involve school buses. When we place the lives and safety of children in the hands of a school bus driver, the expectation is that the person driving the bus possesses an exceptionally high level of diligence. Another expectation is that the driver has received the best possible training. Over time, there have been a number of OSHA violations that have been cited, which had resulted in injuries and fatalities. In addition there are other considerations, as well. These include:

The training videos, that we offer, have been specifically created with the needs of school bus service in mind. While OSHA has specific requirements for bus transportation, school bus transport is in a more specialized category with additional issues and concerns. Our training videos are designed for both newer and experienced drivers through the presentation of real-world scenarios that can be encountered on a daily basis. In addition to vehicle inspections and passenger safety, there is also training regarding what to do in the event of an accident. This provides a comprehensive training tool that is geared towards passenger safety and the reduction of liability costs.

In addition to the high quality and engaging videos, we also offer booklets, additional DVDs, kits and more. Ordering the training tools that you require is as easy as selecting what you need from our online listings and placing your order. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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