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HAZMAT General Awareness Training Programs and Courses

HAZMAT General Awareness

These training courses, were created specifically for the Department of Transportation's HAZMAT Training regulation on Handling and Transporting¬Ě   and Hazardous Materials Awareness.  All of the training products provide the information necessary to comply with the regulation's "Hazmat General Awareness" training requirements. (While these products can be used by themselves, they are better utilized with our DOT HAZMAT Safety Training" products).  Our "DOT HAZMAT General Awareness" focuses on employees who handle hazardous materials. The products address a number of topics, such as, awareness and safety during an encounter with hazardous chemicals, the nature of the hazards, and the issue of taking appropriate security measures when dealing with hazardous materials awareness that the DOT has added to the regulation. Topics covered in these products include: What regulation are, Why the regulations were created, Hazardous materials, definitions and classes, Hazard communication, The proper use of PPE while handling hazardous material, Hazard "indicators", such as labels, shipping papers and placards, Where hazardous materials may be encountered, Packaging and storage, Shipping, Transports (trucks, ships, rail, etc.), Security risks and terrorism, and more.

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OSHA's Position On HAZMAT General Awareness Training

The training materials, that we present here, are geared towards the Department of Transportation’s (D.O.T.) Handling and Transporting regulations for Hazardous Materials. The DOT “HAZMAT General Awareness” training requirements are met by these training tools and they can be used in this capacity. However, we suggest that these materials be used in conjunction with DOT HAZMAT Safety Training materials and the mandatory OSHA HAZMAT training subjects, as well. The primary focus of this training is to assist employees who are tasked with handling hazardous chemicals. The topics that these exceptional and comprehensive videos cover include:

The regulations that govern the policies surrounding hazardous chemicals, waste, etc. are, generally speaking, the most strictly observed by federal and state agencies. This has to do with the fact that an accident, involving hazardous materials, can potentially have catastrophic results. Even those employees, who don’t work directly with these types of materials, need to be aware of the applicable procedures, should they be within any proximity of a hazardous substance (such as evacuation plans, etc.). Therefore, having a one-stop source of this training, in the form of the products offered on this website, is exceptionally valuable to an employer.

To obtain these high quality HAZMAT General Awareness DOT and OSHA training videos and supplies, all you need to do is to look over our selection of training tools, select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. It’s that simple! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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