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Exposure Monitoring and Medical Surveillance Training Programs and Courses

Exposure Monitoring and Medical Surveillance

Some hazardous materials have irreversible effects on the human body. Anyone who works around or even near hazardous chemicals is required to have in-depth training on:  what the nature of the material is, PPE, handling of these materials and emergency response plans. It is vital to everyone health and safety that a monitoring system is in place and enforced at all times, with no exception.  Compliance and Safety offers "HAZWOPER: Exposure Monitoring and Medical Surveillance training" programs which discuss various types of exposure monitoring equipment and techniques. The products also review the concept of "medical surveillance" and how it is used to evaluate the health of anyone who regularly works around hazardous materials. Other topics covered in the products include: Direct-reading instruments, Sampling collection devices, Site characterization, General on-site monitoring, Perimeter monitoring and personal monitoring, Medical surveillance programs, Medical examinations and written medical opinions, and more.

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