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Back Safety Training

You don’t need to be doing strenuous physical labor to get a back injury. Poor workplace ergonomics, bending over to pick something up, or simply the stress of lifting your body weight every day can be enough to cause a back injury. The chance of injury goes up with those who have to lift, climb, or reach for things frequently in their jobs. Our back safety training helps equip you and your employees to prevent back injuries on the job. Some simple training sessions can be enough to avoid injuries and save you money.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we don’t get back injuries at our business. Why should we take your back safety training programs?

Businesses spend millions of dollars each year on back-related worker’s comp. Not to mention, a back injury on your staff could result in reduced productivity, employee attendance drops, and possible job openings to fill. OSHA emphasizes back injury prevention training to protect both you and your employees. Simply being aware of back physiology, how most back injuries happen, and proper ergonomics can significantly cut down on the injuries your employees experience.