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March 19, 2014

Back Safety Training Powerpoints

Back and Lifting Safety Training by RiskAnalytics, LLC

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RiskAnalytics, LLC

    This PowerPoint shows examples on how to reduce the heavy lifting in the workplace, and offers certain techniques for awkward lifting in the workplace, such as removing obstacles and sliding object closer.

Back Injury Prevention by WSU

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    This PowerPoint was created by Washington State University to give awareness on the importance of having a healthy back. It covers the functions and structures of the back, how to maintain a healthy back and other back stressors.

Back injuries can be very serious and it can be extremely painful. Back pains are one of the most common health complains among workers or even those in their homes. Back injuries and back pains can be prevented by working safely, good lifting techniques and good back posture.

These back safety training PowerPoints can help create that safety attitude by teaching workers on how to take good care of their backs properly. Download these training PowerPoints to upload to your Learning Management Systems (LMS). For more downloadable training content including blended learning formats such as online training or online interactive training, click here.

DISCLAIMER: All free PowerPoints provided on this website have been created by third parties. The copyright owners of these powerpoint presentations have no affiliation with Atlantic Training. If you wish to have an item removed or have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at

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