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Workplace Safety Infographic: 10 Health & Safety Tips

Having a health and safety plan at any workplace is important. Employees are the blood of any organization and if their health and safety are jeopardized, it speaks volumes about little their workplace respects and appreciates them. It’s not difficult to create a culture that values health and safety. These 10 different safety tips give a general overview…

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Equality Infographic: Civil Rights In The 21st Century

If an employee feels as though they aren’t being treated equally, that can have a huge impact on morale. Not only that, but it’s an indicator that a workplace has a serious ethics problem, where they would rather support a culture of inequality and discrimination than they value their employees. Women, minorities, the LGBTQ community,…

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Workplace Safety Infographic: The Younger Face of Workplace Safety

Workplace Hazards Training

As the workforce gets younger and younger due to baby boomers moving closer to retirement, we’ll see major changes in workplace safety. The new generation needs just as much emphasis on the importance of workplace safety as generations before them. The following infographic goes into specifics regarding the age of the current workforce and the…

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U.S. to Post Employer Data About Workplace Injuries, Illnesses


A new federal regulation issued on Wednesday will reveal publicly the workplace injuries and illnesses employers have typically logged for their private use, triggering a clash with business groups that say the data could be misconstrued and exploited by unions and plaintiffs’ lawyers. The rule is the culmination of a long-running debate between workplace-safety regulators…

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AFL-CIO report: 150 U.S. workers die every day

A new AFL-CIO report dug through worker fatality data and found some trends in U.S. workplace safety. The organization estimates that 150 workers die every day from hazardous working conditions. For the 25th year, AFL-CIO released its report, “Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect.” The comprehensive report has some interesting numbers regarding workplace…

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How Much is Too Much to Lift

What a great question. It is often answered by professional ergonomists, safety consultants, physical and occupational therapists, and the like with – it depends. Helpful right? The fact is, it depends on several factors such as the size of the load, the load’s center, its stability, or whether it has handles or not. How close…

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A Mini-Guide to Minimizing Back and Shoulder Injuries

Lifting and moving objects safely at work is something many people have to deal with — especially if they work in a factory or warehouse. Yet not everyone knows how to safely lift objects from the floor, and not everyone has the strength to lift. So, before you throw your back out, here’s what you…

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Back Safety Training Powerpoints

Related Back Safety Training Courses Back Safety Training Safe Lifting Procedures Slips, Trips, and Falls PPE Training Ladder Safety Back and Lifting Safety Training by RiskAnalytics, LLC Date Created: 2018 Number of Slides: 21 Created By: RiskAnalytics, LLC This PowerPoint shows examples on how to reduce the heavy lifting in the workplace, and offers certain…

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