On-The-Job Training Infographic: Fighting Workplace Woes

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Many companies offer training programs for new-hires, but more and more are beginning to offer on-the-job training to their current workforce as well. Employers are taking note on the benefits of continuing education at all levels of employment within the organization. This fosters motivation in productivity, higher employee morale, company loyalty and better efficiency in job performance. Businesses are benefitting from the positive impact training programs can bring.

On the flip side, over training employees could lead to possible loss of highly skilled and trained people to competitor companies. The company that trained, suffers the loss while the new company didn’t have to incur any cost to train and now has an immediate, highly skilled workforce at the expense of another business. However, employers who do put money into training their employees send the message out that they value and find worth in their workforce hopefully making a connection of loyalty.

As highlighted in the infographic, on-the-job training can boost morale:

• Low morale can lose businesses money with less productive employees who feel negative about work without fostering a sense of loyalty or feeling of advancement and growth in the company.
• 40% of employers experienced more productive employees after on-the-job training while 35% noticed a more engaged and happier workforce.
• 71% of employees concur that on-the-job training is favored.
• Higher morale exists when employees and management have an open and clear understanding and can work well together. Training should be on all levels and together rather than always separate.

By building a feeling of camaraderie and a sense of team, employee training at any level creates an atmosphere of working together while problem solving in a group rather than individually. It also builds confidence within the team of coworkers. Motivating with management training keeps everyone up to date and productive. When employers invest company time and resources in things like hr training, it can help with company protocol and mission statements, keeping everyone on track with the corporation core values.


On-The-Job Training Infographic: Fighting Workplace Woes - ComplianceandSafety.com


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