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Year after year, powered industrial trucks or “forklifts” make there way onto OSHA’s top ten most cited violations. Either the forklift is not in optimal working condition, or the operators do not have adequate training. The top 10 list also includes:

  1. – Fall Protection – General Requirements (1926.501): 6,072 violations
  2. – Hazard Communication (1910.1200): 4,176
  3. – Scaffolding (1926.451): 3,288
  4. – Respiratory Protection (1910.134): 3,097
  5. – Lockout/Tagout (1910.147): 2,877
  6. – Ladders (1926.1053): 2,241
  7. – Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178): 2,162
  8. – Machine Guarding (1910.212): 1,933
  9. – Fall Protection – Training Requirements: 1,523
  10. – Electrical – Wiring Methods (1910.305): 1,405

Forklift are a dangerous piece of heavy machinery that surprisingly contribute to a large amount injuries and deaths per year, making forklift safety measures extremely valuable in prevention.

In regards to forklift safety, OSHA states that “There are many types of powered industrial trucks. Each type presents different operating hazards. For example, a sit-down, counterbalanced high-lift rider truck is more likely than a motorized hand truck to be involved in a falling load accident because the sit-down rider truck can lift a load much higher than a hand truck.

Workplace type and conditions are also factors in hazards commonly associated with powered industrial trucks.”…”Determining the best way to protect workers from injury largely depends on the type of truck operated and the worksite where it is being used. Employers must ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(1).”

The following infographic breaks down the figures regarding forklifts. It offers the importance of taking forklift safety seriously, and gives preventative measures so that as early as the forklift purchasing process, you can steps for safe operation.

Forklift Safety For A Better Tomorrow -
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