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November 10, 2014

Customer Service Rep Safety Training

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Many customer service representatives work in an office all day long. This often leads them to the false conclusion that they are protected from potentially dangerous situations, but an emergency situation is possible anytime anywhere. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Customer Service Representatives.

OSHA Required Training

Emergency Evacuation OSHA Regulation: 1910.38(e)

When OSHA Requires Emergency Evacuation Training:

If fire extinguishers are provided in your workplace and/or anyone will be evacuating during a fire or other emergency. See full OSHA regulation for more details.

Training Frequency

When there is a change.

Downloadable Emergency Evacuation Training Resources (free):

  • Emergency Evacuation Powerpoint

  • Emergency Evacuation Poster

  • Printable Wallet-Sized Compliance

  • Handout

Emergency Evacuation Training Videos (paid):

  • Evacuation Procedures by Atlantic Training

  • Emergency Evacuation by Digital 2000

  • Emergency Planning by Atlantic Training

Industry Best-Practice Training(Not required by OSHA)


Training Frequency


Downloadable Ergonomics Training Resources (free):

  • Ergonomics Powerpoint

  • Ergonomics Poster

  • Printable Wallet-Sized Compliance

  • Handout

Ergonomics Training Videos (paid):

  • Industrial Ergonomics by Atlantic Training

  • Office Ergonomics by Atlantic Training

  • Laboratory Ergonomics by Atlantic Training

Office Safety

Training Frequency


Downloadable Office Safety Training Resources (free):

  • Office Safety Powerpoint

  • Office Safety Poster

  • Printable Wallet-Sized Compliance

  • Handout

Office Safety Training Videos (paid):

  • Office Safety by Atlantic Training

  • Office Safety Basics by Atlantic Training

  • Computer Workstation Safety by Atlantic Training

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