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Wellness & Fitness Training Programs and Courses

Wellness & Fitness

A good wellness and fitness program not only improve an employee€™s health and attendance, but significantly improve his or her safety records. Studies have found that accidents and injuries occur less frequently with employees who are healthier and in better shape. Healthier employees are more alert, attentive to details and are more likely to prevent injuries. Our  "Wellness and Fitness Safety" training programs show employees how small changes in lifestyles can produce big benefits. While implementing a Health Wellness Program is a gradual process, eliminating negative lifestyle factors can help keep employees healthy. Topics covered in these products include: The importance of "attitude", Blood pressure and other stress related conditions, Smoking, Nutrition and weight control, Drug and alcohol use, Exercise, and more.


OSHA's Position On Wellness & Fitness Training

OSHA has indicated, through several of its publications, that employee wellness and fitness should be an important focus of employers. This is something that would naturally be expected, given the correlation between increased employee wellness and the overall fewer incidents of workplace accidents. Fortunately, promoting wellness and fitness doesn’t need to employ a drastic change in employee behavior. In most cases, just a slight alteration in lifestyle habits can make all the difference, when it comes to a person’s state of health. Our OSHA-encouraged employee health and fitness video training topics include:

  • Flexing and Stretching in Order to Reduce Workplace Injuries
  • Hand Washing and Environmental Control (Mandatory OSHA Regulations)
  • Managing Stress and the Science of Emotional Control
  • Insomnia and PTSD Associated with Former Military Service
  • Shift-work Timeframe Changes and its Relation to Fatigue
  • Anger Management
  • And other health and wellness subjects

Additionally, we offer other tools that can assist with training classes and programs that include; CD-ROM Format Training Programs, Posters, Background Audio Ambiance, Workbooks and a number of training class tools that come bundled with many of our video programs. We also have wellness materials that relate to the dangers of smoking, drug and alcohol use, nutrition awareness and weight control. When all of these elements of training are combined, they can form a powerful environmental adjustment to the workplace that will certainly resonate with employees on multiple levels. The end results are increased healthy lifestyle incentives and fewer injurious and costly occupational mishaps.

Please look over our high quality Wellness and Fitness Training videos and supplies that will allow you to address OSHA’s employee health concerns, without having to look elsewhere! Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   

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