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Log Books and Transportation Forms Training Programs and Courses

Log Books and Transportation Forms

One of the most annoying and daunting tasks for truck drivers is filling out the Drivers Daily Log Book. It may seem like a pain in the butt for employees and employers alike, but it is the law. Not keeping logs correctly filled out, up to date, and mailing or turn them in regularly to the company's office will produce large fines for the employee. Any company that does not process the logs correctly, or fail to recover them from the employee could also face hefty fines. Any company, not matter how big or small, must comply with logging regulations.


OSHA's Position On Log Books and Transportation Forms Training

Considering the work that is involved when operating a truck, having to keep a log for daily documentation can certainly be an unpleasant task. Add to that the learning curve associated with different/new types of log documents and you have a job that drivers would rather avoid than to diligently adhere to. But the fact remains – proper and adequate documentation is a legal requirement with exceptionally stiff penalties for those who neglect this aspect of the business. On one hand, if an employee fails to keep to the mandated timeframe for documentation submission, they can incur large fines or even lose their employment! For employers that fail to adhere to the Department of Transportation (DOT) recovery and processing requirements are also in danger of receiving sizable fines. Needless to say – logs are an essential part of the industry.

In order to help you meet your mandatory legal requirements for logs, we offer:

  • Daily Log Books for Drivers
  • Daily Log Chart for use with KellerSCAN® software (FMCSA Part 395.1(d)(2))
  • Daily Vehicle Inspection Logs
  • Simplified Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Daily Log Books with or without DVIR
  • and other supplies

With comprehensive log supplies and training tools, designed to meet DOT legal requirements, on hand, you can accommodate any new driver additions to your workforce. Obviously, there can’t be any lag time between a new driver beginning their work and the training that they receive regarding this essential aspect of their job. Valuable time is saved by having these materials at the ready – at any time.

We’d like you check out these high quality DOT Log Books and Transportation Forms and supplies. Then, when you wish to order, all you need to do is to select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. It’s that easy! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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