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Healthy Workplace Dieting

Start your day by eating a wholesome breakfast

  • Breakfast should be high in protein or fat to sustain your energy until lunch
  • Avoid a breakfast high in sugar, the calorie intake from sugar tends to burn quickly causing a crash later on
  • Don’t over-do the coffee- caffeine can also cause a crash later on

Snacking should be high in protein or should be raw foods

  • Have a high protein snack like nuts or trail mix if you must snack during the day
  • Avoid greasy, sugary, overly salty, or fried snacks such as chips- these can cause fatigue. Fight the craving!

Have water or a water bottle near you at all times, and drink it as often as possible

  • Adults need to consume 8 8 ounce glasses of water every day. That’s 64 ounces, and most water bottle are 24-30 Oz. Try and fill it about 3-4 times through the day.
  • Most offices have a clean, drinkable water source. Use it! Staying hydrated keeps you alert.

Make lunch at home

  • Making your lunch at home typically helps you choose healthy options, especially if you shop healthy.
  • Lunch can be quick and easy if you throw a salad together using leftover meats etc, or a sandwich.
  • Avoid lunch with a lot of starch like breads, pasta, rice, etc. High starch lunches can make you sluggish in the afternoon. Lunch should be light and fresh, to sustain you and your focus for the second half of your workday.
  • Try to make your lunch at home as often as possible, it’s easier to make bad decisions when getting lunch from somewhere nearby or going out to lunch with coworkers

It might be hard, but avoid the cakes, donuts, soda, etc. or whatever tempting but unhealthy food is in the break room.

Don’t ruin your healthy eating progress at work with an unhealthy meal at home

Overcoming Workplace Fatigue

Using the above healthy eating tips can help you avoid worktime fatigue. However, due to natural Cicadian Rhythms, adults typically experience bouts of fatigue during 10am-11am and 2pm-3pm.

Avoid caffeine during these times, it might be tempting but it’s a temporary fix and can cause a crash later on

  • Also, avoid filling these periods with unnecessary snacking

Go for a walk, sit outside or move around somehow

  • Especially if you have a sedentary desk job, it’s unbelievably important to get up and move around throughout your workday
  • Step away from the computer. It might be tempting to pop over to social media but get your eyes away from that computer screen for a bit and refocus.
  • Splash some cold water on your eyes. Cold water opens/expands your blood vessels which increases their energy carrying capacity. It’ll also feel refreshing!
  • Drink some cold water while you’re at it!
  • Do some light stretching- this will get the blood pumping to limbs that have been stagnant for a few hours.
  • If your job requires a lot of running around, movement, then use this time to sit, relax, and close your eyes for 10-20 minutes. You only need that long to rest to restore focus and energy.
  • Yoga or mediation. Try it, it helps immensely.
Did You Know?
33% of people feel like they are living with “extreme stress” 73% have regularly experience psychological symptoms due to stress 76% cited money and work as their main reason for stress 48% of people lie awake at night due to stress 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress
Action Items
  • Come in well rested
  • Eat well
  • Smile at or compliment coworkers
  • Volunteer
  • Say “Good Morning” to coworkers
  • Listen to music
  • Make better, healthier, happier, and kinder choices in your life (no matter how little!)

Other Employee Health Tips

Know the in’s and out’s of workplace ergonomics so your job doesn’t take a toll on your body.

  • Pay special attention to areas of your body where there is repetitive motion or stress from job functions

Get plenty of rest each night. Adults should get AT LEAST 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep because your thoughts are buzzing, consider talking to a doctor about how you can get plenty of rest.

  • You’re likely already in a sleeping routine that either works, or does not work for you. Make sure it works- sleep is important. It’s your brain re-setting itself to take on the mental activities of the day ahead. Treat your brain right by allowing it to get the rest it needs.

Stop smoking. If you’re a smoker, you’re likely already fully aware of how unhealthy it is for you, and you probably get told all the time to stop by coworkers, friends and family, or even random folks you come into contact with. It’s not them judging you, it’s good advice- take it seriously and stop smoking. It’s hard, but you can’t even fathom how much you increase your health even after one week of no smokes. Trust me on this one.

Limit stress

  • Stress can take a huge toll on you mentally and physically, and if you have a lot of stress, you’ve likely already experienced how it affects you.
  • Limit stressors in your life- we only get one! If someone is causing you stress, limit your time with them so as not to expose yourself to their negativity. Doesn’t matter if they’re friends, family, etc. Negative people are negative people, and constant contact with them WILL affect you. Don’t let it, create space.
  • Find an activity that gives you solace and do it often. When doing this activity, actively make it your “safe space”, where only loving, thankful thoughts are welcome.
  • Remember- EVERYTHING is figure-out-able. Some things require more creative solutions than others, but welcome the answers and look for the signs around you. They’re there, be vigilant. You’re a human being, you can do anything.
  • Yoga or meditation. Try it, it helps immensely.
  • When you’re at home with family on your down time, be PRESENT. Put down the phone and immerse yourself in the love and miracles around you. No love or miracles? Actively bring positivity and happiness into your home, it’ll affect every area of your life in a good way (and your family’s, too!)
  • Take vacations, you earned them. It’ll never “be the right time”, we have to make it the right time.

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