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Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety Online Training Course

Course Overview

Hand, Wrist, and Finger Safety is an online training course that was specifically created to help employees understand OSHA recommendations for keeping their hands, wrists, and fingers safe while on the job. Topics covered include neutral positions, carpal tunnel, PPE for tools, and more.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this OSHA compliant course, the student will be able to:

  • Notice hazards in the work environment.
  • Avoid repetitive motions that lead to ergonomic problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Use proper gloves and other protective equipment following OSHA guidelines.
  • Work safely with machines.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Common hazards that affect hands, wrists, and fingers.
    • Injuries that occur at worksites and how to easily prevent them.
    • Basic information on the hand and how it works.
  • Hand, Wrist, and Finger Safety
    • Using a precision grip to lessen the stress on hands and wrists.
    • Proper placement of materials to avoid over stretching and repetitive motions.
    • Keeping your work area clean, on the desk and under.
    • Avoid carpal tunnel and pressure on wrists.
    • Additional internal hazards for the hand and wrists.
    • Specialized forms of PPE that will protect in extreme circumstances.
  • Working with Tools
    • Choosing the proper PPE for the job at hand.
    • Avoiding “finger grooves” and certain types of handles.
    • How to work with tools that have Trigger Switches
    • Selecting the proper glove based on fit and job type.
    • Inspecting gloves and other PPE before use.
    • Proper Maintenance of PPE.
    • Using finger guards for certain jobs.
  • Injuries
    • Barrier creams as an alternative and addition to traditional gloves.
    • What to do in the event that your hand comes in contact with corrosive materials.
    • How to handle a burn to the hand or intense temperatures.