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About Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Having employees properly trained plays a very big role in the success of any business. Training employees with workplace safety videos ensures employers that accidents will be minimized, and helps maximize productivity.  Our General Safety Training and Security awareness products deal with safety and health issues that employees encounter on a daily basis, such as back safety, ergonomics, fire safety, and much more. Our training products come in VHS, DVD, CD-ROM (one-on-one training) and on-line course (one-on-one training). We also offer a safety meeting kits, which enable the safety trainer to conduct training to an entire group of employees. The kits also include posters and employee booklets for daily reference. Interactive CD-ROM and online courses are typically used for "one-on-one" training. Courses come with a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) at no additional cost. Employees proceed through the courses at their own pace and are actively involved in how the course progresses. The LMS keeps track of the employees' progress, courses they have taken, test scores and other important information.


OSHA's Position On Workplace Safety Training

There are three main circumstances in which general safety can be effectively used to assist your facility in meeting standard OSHA, FEMA, NSC and CDC requirements. The first has to do with new employee training before they are allowed to enter the work environment. The second involves a re-training session when there has been an accident or if correct protocols were not followed during an emergency. And, finally, as periodic refresher training, in order to prevent any avoidable problems that may happen in the future.

With the training materials that we offer, you will have the option to pick and choose the exact compliance subjects that will meet your specific organization needs or fill in any gaps in your current training library. Mandatory federal training regulation topics include:

The unique benefit of our workplace safety videos revolves around our ability to offer compliance training in individual segments. This cost-effective approach means that you won’t end up paying for something that you don’t have a direct need for. Just choose the topic(s) that fit your organization’s workplace environment and we’ll send you exactly what you need to be compliant. It’s that simple. By ordering from us in this manner, your organization can literally save thousands of dollars when it comes to your training budget!

Other features of our workplace safety training programs include options such as:

  • Multiple language versions (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • PowerPoint™ presentation that you can customize
  • “Leader’s Guide” for Instructors
  • Links that can be used to download/print material from OSHA, FEMA, NSC and CDC websites

Just choose the training videos and materials that fit your workplace needs and place your order. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!