Biggest Challenges of "In-House" Safety Training, Solved
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Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
May 21, 2019

Biggest Challenges of "In-House" Safety Training, Solved

One thing that should be known is that most companies these days are doing their safety training "in-house".

This essentially means internal safety training is delivered either by a full-time, or contractor, safety or EHS manager using DVDs, USB or online safety videos, or by a Learning Management System loaded with specific courses that the company itself either created or purchased. Purchased courses, or "off-the-shelf" training, is usually delivered in SCORM or .MP4 format and are uploaded to their system. This allows for the training to be an interactive course, complete with interactive quizzes and full virtual record keeping.


If you administer your training internally or "in-house", you're likely using one of 2 methods:

An employee of the company, or outside contractor, administers the training periodically:
  • This is typically done using a safety video (DVD, USB, or Online Safety Video)
  • The course is administered with materials such as quizzes, sign in sheets, etc.

The biggest challenge here is that tangible items such as DVDs can get lost, broken, or in some cases, a laptop may not even have a disk drive anymore! (Ah, the future is nie). Also, it's difficult to pull employees from production, and let's not forget new hires or absent employees. And let's not forget, good old budget.

The solution here is a blended training method. A blended training method is having complete access to a library of bilingual safety training videos, complete with printable written materials, right at your fingertips. The cool thing about this, is that the videos are administered through a customizable portal, for a professional look. You have access to over 700 videos in topics such as construction, manufacturing, HR, healthcare, etc. so EVERY department gets trained effectively and affordably!

For those new hires and absent employees, no need to worry, they'll still get their training for OSHA compliance. Simply pair the online safety video library with access to whatever interactive training course they need training on. Everyone is covered efficiently and effectively.

internal safety training

  • Your company has a Learning Management System or LMS and makes internal safety training courses or buys SCORM or .MP4 courses:
  • You have a company, likely over 50 employees, with their own eLearning platform that administers all employee safety training for any department
  • This is necessary as you need complete record keeping stored in an online database due to the large number of employees

The challenge here is that companies, particularly large ones, need A LOT of different workplace safety training topics covered because there's likely many different departments, such as the office, the warehouse, the manufacturing worksite, etc., and it can be extremely costly, and time consuming, to create a course for every topic necessary to train employees. Another challenge is that perhaps your training is all over the place. You use this LMS for that, or this method for that department, and things are just kind of everywhere with a slew of different training and some sort of organized chaos holding the whole thing together. It might work for a while, but it isn't efficient, and it's likely costing you unnecessary money.

The solution here is to purchase quality, OSHA compliant interactive courses in either SCORM or .MP4 format (so that you don't have to make them yourself), or to be hosted (at no additional cost to you!) on your own Learning Management System. Now, LMSs can be costly, but they honestly shouldn't have to be, as it the safety training courses inside that are the meat of this training method. If you're looking to explore have a basic, user-friendly and cost-effective LMS.

internal safety training


Bottom line, and I feel like you see this coming, is that Atlantic Training has any safety training product necessary to either completely provide you with your in-house or internal safety training, or to assist you in whatever method is the most beneficial to your company. We offer internal workplace safety solutions as a cost that our competitors can't come close to, and with quality safety training content that not only gets the job done, but resonates with employees.


No more challenges, no more bulky training methods. Take control, let Atlantic assist you with your internal safety training today.
internal safety training