Why is Having A Complete Library of Safety Training Courses More Effective?
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Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
June 27, 2019

Why is Having A Complete Library of Safety Training Courses More Effective?

In today’s era, it’s no secret that just about every industry is being touched with the streamline capabilities of modern technology. The EHS industry is no exception.


While the rate of change is accelerated for some companies more than others, the simple truth is that traditional means of safety training are no longer a feasible option in keeping up with rapid-fire changes in regulation. The world of work as we know it is more complex and robust than ever before, warranting that safety training methods can stay at pace with the changing tides, and fortunately, they have. 

One method of safety training outshines the rest in terms of mirroring the accelerating pace of the workforce and EHS as we know it– online safety training libraries.

Online safety training libraries are digital EHS courses that are stored in an online database accessible via a user dashboard. A user can instantly take hundreds of safety training courses with either a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Courses will often come with all the necessary materials for training implementation including downloads, quizzes, and reporting features for easy record keeping. So, why is having a complete library of safety training more effective? Let’s explore.



Imagine for just a moment the scope of all the different industries, workplaces, worksites, etc. that are in only the US alone right now. It’s incredibly vast.

That being the case, there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all safety training program. However, in terms of employees being able to access safety training courses no matter their work setting, a complete EHS training library offers that luxury.

Online training courses extend beyond just being able to be accessed at any time by any employee in need of a training course. Online safety training courses are accessible by most modern devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.

So picture it, let’s say Jim is on a job site but needs a safety training refresher. With an online safety training library, Jim can log in to his account, and there waiting for him, is his Forklift safety training course.



The functionality of safety training libraries is, without a doubt, one of their most significant selling points. Most online safety training providers offer more than just the courses themselves, but also reporting, custom settings, and immediate customer service.

Because record keeping is such a common requirement in safety, online safety training portals has made it easier than ever to keep records of employee safety training statuses, certifications, test scores, and more. You can run instant reports on who has yet to complete their training, who passed, who needed more than one attempt, or anything else relative to an employee’s activity in the training portal.

Why is this key? Not only does it satisfy OSHA’s strict requirements for record keeping, but most business insurance companies require specific reports relative to safety training as part of their coverage plans. They’ll even offer safety training courses as a value-added service, and almost always, they use an online safety training library to eliminate as much liability and risk as possible.



One of the biggest challenges involved in safety training is engaging employees in the material to drive retention. Unfortunately, engagement is easily one of the most critical aspects of a safety training program, and one of the most significant factors influencing results.

In a survey conducted by the National Safety Council, they found that organizations with higher engagement scores had seventy percent fewer accidents compared to those with low engagement. They were also found to be five times less likely to have a safety incident, and seven times less likely to have a lost-time safety incident.

Currently, the two safety training methods that are the most effective at driving engagement are:

A safety trainer– An in-house safety trainer or traveling safety trainer is said to be the most effective at engaging a class. Unfortunately, it’s not the most cost-effective option, and if an employee is absent, they miss the materials.

Online safety library– Safety training needs to be interactive so that it can be memorable. An online safety training course library from the right provider has interactive content and quizzes to keep employees interested, listening, and to help them recall the information.



Simply put, safety training needs to be as convenient as possible, so it’s easy to take and administer. If not, it becomes a low priority or wholly neglected.


In fact, in a national poll of US employees conducted by NSC, fifty percent of them felt that safety meetings are held less often than they should be (likely due to inconvenience or lack of resources) and 36 percent said that they feel safety takes a backseat to job tasks.

While companies should be doing more to make safety a top priority, the reasons that they don’t have to do with the lost productivity and lack of convenience that lies in traditional methods.

With an online safety training library, training can be instantly administered, completed, and stored in one, easy-to-access online platform. If an employee is absent on the day of a safety meeting, they don’t have to fall through the cracks. The training course can be sent to them for simple completion.

Also, as much as you think it would be complex to set up, it’s not. In most cases, getting set up with your own EHS training course library is simple and doesn’t take much time.



The truth is, very few companies can say that their safety training course material is modern and up-to-date. Some companies are still using DVDs produced in the late nineties, and some companies are still operating with VHSs from the eighties.

While the information in the videos might still be relevant in these cases, more often than not, it doesn’t cover information relative to industry advancements in safety, or new or updated regulations implemented by OSHA. Plus, employees have likely seen the same old training video over and over again, which drives a nail in the coffin of employee engagement — that, and seeing outdated trends in haircuts,safety-soft-warehouse (1) fashion, and equipment.

Online safety training libraries are not only packed with current courses, but they’re updated frequently. Whenever an OSHA regulation is changed or added, the course manufacturers put out a new training course which is instantly added to the library of the online safety training provider they’ve partnered with. Content stays fresh, engaging, and up-to-date.

That’s not all. Safety training libraries will also give you access to downloadable content such as PowerPoints, quizzes, checklists, and the likes, ensuring that you have all the materials you need for your unique workplace safety training program.


Is there a right-choice in online safety training libraries?

The short answer is yes. While the right choice of online safety training providers may vary depending on a company’s needs, a valuable provider will have:

  • A vast, up-to-date library that covers a wide variety of topics
  • Online record keeping
  • A user-friendly dashboard
  • Customer-service
  • Extra downloadable content for your use at any time

SafetySoft by Atlantic Training is an online safety training provider that features all of the benefits mentioned in this handy guide. If you’re ready to explore the attributes of an online course library that takes your safety training program to new heights, contact us today for a no-hassle demo!