A Complete Guide to EHS Training Content
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Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
November 13, 2019

A Complete Guide to EHS Training Content


When it comes to EHS training, not all content is the same. If you’ve ever watched two safety training videos back-to-back, one from the nineties, one from 2019, then you’ll know that’s true.

Speaking of 2019, in today’s era, there’s a vast spectrum of safety training content delivered in a multitude of different ways. While some companies haven’t strayed from the classic VHS or DVDs, others have opted for online training courses, online course libraries, interactive training software, and other more effective delivery methods.


One thing that all those training methods have in common is that they all get their content from somewhere. They’ll either make it themselves, purchase it from a provider, or both. The benefits of producing your own EHS training content, or buying it “off the shelf,” are specific to your company and its needs. However, if you do decide to purchase safety training content, it matters greatly who produces it, where it’s produced, and who provides it. That’s why we put together this complete guide to EHS training content.


What is EHS Training Content?

EHS training content is the actual learning materials with an EHS training course. EHS content lives within some sort of safety administration method such as a DVD program, an online training platform, a computer program, or an online training video portal.


That said, training content can be specifically defined as video content, PowerPoints, worksheets, quizzes, checklists, interactive programs, and more. 


EHS Training Software vs. EHS Training Content

SafetySoft-Blog-DevicesYou may be wondering what the difference is between EHS training software and EHS training content. 


EHS training software features a database of safety training courses, the content itself, and resources accessible via an online platform, computer program, or online portal. Essentially, it’s the host of the EHS training content. 


Speaking metaphorically, if EHS training is a meal, then EHS training software is the plate and silverware; and EHS training content is the meat and potatoes.


How is EHS Training Content Delivered?

There are a few different ways EHS training content is administered to employees:


Traditional Videos

Long before the internet boom, EHS training content was administered via training videos. At first, VHS tapes, and then DVDs. You’ll also commonly see .MP4 files of videos saved on a USB. In this case, the EHS training content would be the video material and all the information inside.


Online Safety Training Courses

This method of online EHS training is probably the most widespread. Online safety training video courses are e-learning courses that employees can take on any subject relative to their job duties. Often, these courses are located in one central hub (an LMS, which we’ll explore later) with reporting and record keeping capabilities. 


Online safety training courses house EHS training content inside it. Typically, an online safety training course will have content such as video clips, interactive quizzes, PowerPoints, etc.


Online Safety Training Video Libraries

Online safety training video libraries are a bit different and are often more utilized in instructor-led courses or in conjunction with other training methods.


Think YouTube® or Netflix® but for safety training videos. Using a login and password, a user has access to an online database of safety training videos, often thousands, all in one place. An online safety training video library houses content such as the videos themselves, and often, downloadables such as quizzes, handouts, instructor guides, PowerPoints, etc. They are ideal for supplementing instructor-led training versus using DVDs or a VHS. A trainer can simply log in and the corresponding safety video for their lesson is right there.


Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems or LMSs are the hosting platforms that make any type of eLearning possible. If online safety learning materials are the training content itself, an LMS is just the robust system that hosts all the content.


If you’ve ever taken an online course, then most likely it’s been hosted within its own learning portal. That learning portal is the LMS.


Notable attributes of an LMS are that they’re typically branded to your organization, require access via a login and password, have a reporting dashboard for both users and admins, have reporting and record keeping features, and can host either company-created training courses made by instructional designers, or can host the safety training course content files, such as SCORM or .MP4 files, from vendors.


Why is EHS Training Content Important?


It goes without saying the EHS training is important. However, it’s only as effective as the safety

content presented. OSHA states that in whole, safety training, as well as content, should equip managers, supervisors, and employees with:

  • Knowledge and skills needed to do their work safely and avoid creating hazards that could place themselves or others at risk.
  • Awareness and understanding of workplace hazards and how to identify, report and control them.
  • Specialized training, when their work involves unique hazards.

You see, it's the EHS training content within the delivery method that’s actually meant to raise employees’ safety knowledge and information to an optimal level. Delivery method is important for retention, sure, but the truth is that both EHS training content and the way that it’s administered, must work in tandem to deliver the ideal results as defined by OSHA.


EHS Training Content Providers

Now that you know what EHS training content is and how it differs from EHS training delivery, we can now dive deeper into who your EHS training content providers are. Naturally, there are hundreds of entities that provide safety training content, but not all of them are the same. 


Video Production Companies

If you have EHS training video content in any of your EHS training, then that content had to have been created by a safety video production company. Essentially, these guys write and produce the video content for specific safety training content, often in collaboration with a safety professional or OSHA training provider. These guys may either partner with companies that license their content to sellers, or sell it themselves. 


Instructional Designers

The term “instructional designers” is very indicative of what these guys provide. They design EHS training courses. What’s important to know about instructional designers is that, while they may create some content for a course, they may also look to buy content from other providers to build their own hybrid training programs. Instructional designers may also work for an actual company, designing courses when needed that are very specific, and branded to the organization.


Presentation Creators

A lot of safety training content involves PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint presentations are unique in that they can be used by instructional designers to create full-blown online training courses. Instructional designers can make the PowerPoints interactive, include videos between slides, etc. In order to do that, they’ll partner with PowerPoint creators or buy PowerPoint presentations from experts who’ve created them for this reason.


EHS Training SaaS Companies

To understand these guys, it’s helpful to know first what “SaaS” means. SaaS is a term used to describe a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription, rather than bought and installed on individual computers.

In regards to EHS, EHS training SaaS companies provide a library of online training videos or online training courses. Training professionals can purchase a monthly subscription to have access to a plethora of training courses and videos within their very own dashboard. Just like Netflix™, you log in, and boom, there’s your own menu of courses or videos. Often, with additional content like quizzes, instructor guides, toolbox talks and more. These companies may either purchase content from other providers or produce and license their own. SafetySoft is an EHS training SaaS company.


US vs. International Providers

SafetySoft-Blog-DiverseGroupWhether it’s an EHS training platform or EHS training content, providers are not all the same. Just like with anything, it’s a free market, meaning some EHS training is low-cost low quality, some are high-cost, high-quality, and others are somewhere in the middle. What’s right for your company depends on the need for improvements, budget, etc.


One important distinction, no matter the provider, is their location, especially when it comes to the content.


The Issues With Going International

There’s a lot of LMS, online training, and content providers that are headquartered in other countries. If you’re a US company, that could pose a few issues for a variety of reasons, mostly having to do with the fact that EHS training content has to be OSHA compliant. OSHA is the legal guidelines for workplace safety. Aside from that, there are a few other reasons why going international with your EHS training provider can be a risk:

  • While they might provide low-cost training, you risk receiving low-quality, even dubbed training.
  • Training might not be both OSHA compliant or compliant with company standards.
  • Customer service is located in other countries, which can be difficult when assistance is needed.
  • Payment/currency barriers could be present during invoicing.


Benefits of Staying Within the US

Even if your budget isn’t huge, there are solutions that allow you to stay local and reap the benefits of receiving EHS training that’s completely compliant with local regulations.

  • Local EHS training providers have created or acquired content relevant to the regulations in the US.
  • An investment in US safety training is an investment in OSHA compliance.
  • You’ll receive US-based customer service.


Your Best EHS Training and Content Solution

If you’re looking for your ideal EHS training provider, with high-quality, affordable, US-made content, SafetySoft is your solution. Safety professionals are using SafetySoft for a variety of key benefits:

  • SafetySoft is US-based and only partners with US-based providers.
  • SafetySoft can replace outdated hardware such as DVDs, VHS, and USB drives.
  • SafetySoft has record keeping capabilities that aggregate reports based on who’s passed their tests, who’s taken the necessary training, how still needs to take their training, who is assigned what training, and many more reporting functions.
  • If an employee is absent on the day of training, they can take an online training course to still be accounted for.
  • Employees can take their training in a variety of diverse work settings.
  • “Refresher” training or safety shorts can be used to brush up specific topics before diving into the workday.
  • SafetySoft assists in instructor-led training for more in-depth safety training topics.
  • SafetySoft provides value-added material such as handouts, toolbox talks, etc.
  • It's more engaging in that it can provide a one-on-one experience.
  • It can help nurture a positive safety culture through learning retention because it allows the user to learn at their own pace.
  • SafetySoft has a high ROI for your workplace.


If you’re ready to chat with a friendly face about what EHS training software can do for you, contact one of our sales reps by simply chatting with us on our site, or by calling our knowledgable training development representatives.