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Ladder Safety Training

Did you know that ladders have been around for approximately 10,000 years? With the increased variations and sizes of different ladders comes an increase in ladder hazards. It is vital to understand the different qualities, weight restrictions, and safety procedures for each type of ladder your employees need to use. Providing ladder safety training helps prepare them to be safe on and around ladders. Our OSHA-compliant ladder safety training helps your employees understand proper ladder selection, appropriate use of personal protection equipment (PPE), ladder maintenance, and more.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows their way around a ladder. Why do we need to take your ladder safety training?

Most ladder-related injuries and deaths reported annually are caused by improper use and negligence. Ladder safety comes down to more than just being careful about your foot placement. Your employees need to understand proper ladder selection, inspection, and maintenance as well. OSHA regulations require employers to provide ladder safety training for employees who come into contact with ladders on the job. Our easy-to-understand format helps make sure your employees retain the knowledge provided in our training. This user-friendly experience ensures you’ll be compliant with OSHA regulations as well.