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Forklift Safety Training

Whether you’re looking at training new or seasoned employees on forklift safety, this isn’t the kind of training you can afford to cut corners on. OSHA requirements state that anyone operating a forklift must complete a forklift certification training program and refresh their training each year. It’s your responsibility as an employer to seek out training that is compliant with OSHA standards, and maintain that standard of forklift safety training for your employees each year. Our training videos offer OSHA-compliant, comprehensive, and thorough forklift training and certification all in one user-friendly place.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows their way around forklifts. Why do we need to take your courses on forklift safety training?

As a rule, OSHA does not offer forklift training and certification. They set the standards for safety, and it’s your job as an employer to comply with regular safety training that meets their standards. Atlantic Training’s courses help you not only meet, but surpass the safety standards set by OSHA for forklift safety, and other types of safety training. Our easy-to-understand format ensures that your employees will absorb and retain forklift safety procedures, so you’ll never wonder if your training is sufficient ever again.