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Fire Safety Training

Humans have a natural fear and respect for fire. Despite this, it’s estimated that 200 fires happen in workplaces each day. The hundreds of injuries, numerous fatalities, and billions of dollars in damages is made even more tragic with the knowledge that most workplace fires are preventable. With the proper fire safety training, your employees will know how to stop fires before they happen. Fire Prevention and Safety Training helps employees become aware of how their own actions, or inactions, can contribute to the risk of fire

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team can stand the heat. Why do we need your courses on fire safety training?

Although we all have a natural tendency to play it safe around fire, unforeseen fires can often cause panic. Without the proper training around fire safety regulations, it can be easy to forget how to mitigate harm in the heat of the moment. Additionally, our fire safety training videos meet OSHA requirements around fire hazard training and fire prevention. Our training aims to make sure that not only will your employees keep their cool if a fire does break out, but they will be able to guide everyone else on the proper fire safety protocols as well.