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Human Resource compliance training can save your company from having to pay millions of dollars in legal and settlement costs. In order for organizations to protect their assets and ensure a safe and equal workplace, a company needs to have knowledgeable HR personnel, managers, and supervisors. These people are the first line of defense in stopping workplace discrimination and harassment. Our compliance training courses help provide HR personnel with thorough knowledge of compliance procedures, as well as help your organization in fulfilling all Human Resource Regulations mandated by federal and state offices.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team is on top of their compliance protocols. Why should we take your compliance training courses?

A discrimination or harassment lawsuit can end up costing a company an enormous amount of money. Therefore, it’s vital that your HR team, management, and staff members understand your company’s adherence to mandatory federal and state regulations around ethical, harassment, and discrimination issues. Your HR personnel needs to be up-to-date with OSHA compliance regarding illegal job termination, legal issues when conducting interviews, HIPAA Security, and much more if your company is to protect itself. Our training helps provide this information in an easy-to-understand format that supports long-term retention.