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Your Digital or Online Safety Training Questions, Answered

Is it less expensive than traditional training methods like safety training DVD’s?

Yes, online safety training is typically less expensive than traditional methods like DVDs for a variety of reasons. Here’s why:

  • Online safety training gets less expensive the more people you have taking the training
  • You do not have to buy a new DVD every time an OSHA standard gets updated, your training is automatically updated online
  • The cost for our online safety training starts at $19.95, and DVD’s are typically only as low as $125
  • Online safety training can be taken at any time, on any device and some options come with recordkeeping. All of which contribute to a faster, more streamlined safety training solution that saves you time and effort (and we all know time is money).

Will my employees be engaged in the online safety training?online safety training

  • It’s been proven that the more engaging safety training is, the more likely employees are going to retain the information. Because online safety training is also interactive, employees can engage with the training more with online than by simply watching a DVD. We also have streaming options, which instructors can use to supplement their safety training courses.
  • The employee engagement in online safety training is tracked and monitored so you can assess progress and retention and maintain compliant recordkeeping
  • All content is constantly updated to maintain compliance, so employees aren’t watching or being taught “the same old stuff”

What do I need in order to host online training?

  • You’ll need a projector and internet access if you plan on streaming the safety training, which most businesses and companies usually already have those items.
  • You do not need a projector for the interactive online safety training, just internet access so you can email the training link to employees who need to take it. You’ll have the ability to see if they opened the link and took the training.

Is it easy to set up the online safety training?

  • Yes! Not only is it incredibly easy and quick to set up, but you can start taking training immediately after set-up so you can meet any compliant deadlines. No waiting for your DVD to arrive!
  • We do all the work, you just tell us what training you need and we’ll get you going. Plus, you don’t have to input any shipping information.

Is it user-friendly? Will someone who isn’t tech-savvy be able to set it up and train easily?

  • Absolutely. We pride ourselves on building a system completely from scratch with you in mind.
  • We get that you can get lost in features and functions, and our online safety training platform WAVE solves all of that for you.
  • If you do get stuck, we’re here for you and can give you any walk-throughs or demos you need.

Can I access safety training on my phone?

  • You can access our online safety training at any time, and on any device to take your training.

My company already has a training portal, but we need newer safety training content. Can we pick and choose what we need?

  • You can- all of our safety training also comes in SCORM, digital or .mp4 files so if you only need certain content to put in your already existing learning management system or training portal, we can get you what you need. All updated and 100% OSHA compliant.
  • If you need to add certain training topics that you don’t currently have, we can provide you with that too!

We don’t think we can afford it because we’re a small business or small operation. What options do you have for us?

  • Call us and tell us what you need or what you’re looking for. We work with multiple vendors and have wiggle room with pricing.
  • Our main goal is workplace safety. Therefore, we pride ourselves in finding SOLUTIONS for you, instead of just being another so-so option for you to consider.
  • Think you found a great deal elsewhere? Chat with us, we bet we can match it or better.
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